Best Places To Eat In Ho Chi Minh City In 2020


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One of the greachạy thử things in Vietphái mạnh is its diverse cuisine. Here in Sai Gon you find delicious dishes on every corner: from small stalls on street pavement khổng lồ big fancy restaurants. But the more there is, the harder it is to lớn choose; very often our backpackers find themselves spending half of their exploring time finding just where to eat. Indeed, exploring the culinary culture of Saigon is one of the best things to lớn vị in Ho Chi Minc đô thị. To save yourself some time for better enjoying our amazing food culture, here are đôi mươi best restaurants in Ho Chi Minc city for first time visitors

1. A lovely breakfast with Chảo Restaurant

Morning sunshine! Growing up in Vietphái mạnh, breakfast is a must. Now I’m already 23 but dad still takes all of us out to eat breakfast every weekkết thúc & that is the most well-spent chất lượng time for my family. I feel like each country has its own way with beef và eggs. In Vietphái nam, we love sầu the yolk but love dipping crunchy morning baguettes inkhổng lồ it more, together with flavorful stir fried melty soft beef, fat little sausages và pate sitting in ponds of insanely good sauce. Chao means the pan in Vietnamese: so, yeah, you will eat right from where everything is served sizzling hot. Let’s sunny side up your day with Chao!

A mouth-watering serving of "Banh Mi Chao" can give you enough energy for the whole day. Instagram

Location: 72C Tran Quoc Toan, Ward 8, District 3, HCMC.

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Budget: 2 ~ 4 USD

2. Phsinh sống Hòa Pasteur: a bowl of happiness

If you haven’t tried Pho in Ho Chi Minch thành phố, you haven’t experienced the peak of culinary pleasure. Pho Hoa Pasteur is one of the oldest và most trusted Pho serving places in Ho Chi Minch city. Apart from the price, it hasn’t changed much since 1891. Out of all the dishes I know, in all the countries I’ve been to, I don’t think I’ve sầu come across any that is as sophisticated as Pho. The broth is made from stewing beef for at least 8 hours with various spices (cinnatháng sticks, cloves, coriander pods, star anise & cardamom). Then, the infused stochồng is poured over chất lượng flat rice noodles & covered with many beef toppings as well as fresh green herbs. Did I say Pho is one of the greademo invention of human beings? Eating one soothing bowl of Pho for the last 23 years và still counting. I just can’t get enough.

Pho is indeed the greatest invention of human beings. Instagram

Location: 260C Pasteur, Ward 8, District 3, HCMC.

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Budget: 2 ~ 6 US

3. When in Saigon, eat Hủ Tiếu Liên

Hu Tieu is a queen noodle bowl in Vietnam’s Southern Kingdom of Savory Cookery. I vì feel lượt thích no matter how sad I am, I can immediately be cheered up with a bowl of Hu Tieu. It can be served dry with a cup of broth on the side (Dry Hu Tieu) or the conventional way with noodles & broth altogether which in us Vietnamese Gọi Water Hu Tieu. Most Vietnamese I know, including my mom, always go for Dry Hu Tieu. But somehow, recently, I’ve sầu started lớn like the Water version one bit better. If you can, please try both. Lien is my recommendation because of its clean atmosphere and great space. It’s hardly ever crowded since Lien is located across from Nhan Quan. While Nhan Quan is the most famous Hu Tieu brand in Ho Chi Minh city, it is too touristy for my taste. “When in Saigon, eat Hu Tieu!” - that’s all I’m saying.

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When in Saigon, do as the Saigonese do: eat Hu Tieu! Instagram

Location: 239 Nguyen Thi Phố Minh Khai, District 1, HCMC

Budget: 3~4 USD

4. Ba Ghiền: The king of Com Tam

One time I took my American frikết thúc here for lunch, we stayed 15 minutes after paying our bill because we were just too full. If you ask Saigonese where to lớn get the best Com Tam in Ho Chi Minch thành phố, 9 out of 10 will point to lớn Ba Ghien. Yes, it’s nationally renowned as the best restaurant for Com Tam Saigon. Broken rice is one of the most fundamental elements in Vietnamese Southern Food Hub. The most ordered main dish would definitely be the grilled pork chop, và hats off khổng lồ Ba Ghien because as frequently as I try out Com Tam restaurants, so far no place can do their pork chops as skillfully as Ba Ghien does.