52 coolest things to do in phu quoc in 2023


Vietnam is a diverse destination offering something for every traveller but if you’re looking for an island getaway, Phu Quoc is the perfect destination! Located off of the southwest coast of Vietnam and just an hour away from Ho chi Minh City, lies this paradise island.

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Roughly the form size of Singapore, Phu Quoc is considered lớn be mostly untouched và is covered by almost 100 mountains, green forests và majestic waterfalls. The most popular allure for visitors, however, are inviting sandy beaches và crystal-clear waters making Phu Quoc a highlight on your itinerary!

Check out our Phu Quoc travel guide and list of the top 10 things to bởi vì on Phu Quoc Island và enjoy your trip!

Table of Contents

I. How to lớn get to lớn Phu Quoc


Position of Phu Quoc Island.

Travelling by bus then by ferry

Getting khổng lồ Phu Quoc doesn’t need khổng lồ break the bank. Travelling by local bus & ferry can easily be done! Even if you’re travelling on a budget, the journey is very affordable. Buses run regularly from Ho bỏ ra Minh city to Rach Gia and only costs about 150,000 – 200,000 VND (approx. $7-$9) each way and takes about 6 hours. Make sure khổng lồ purchase your ticket in advance and arrive at the bus station 30 minutes prior khổng lồ departure with ticket in hand.

Once you arrive at the Port of Rach Gia, take the ferry khổng lồ Phu Quoc Bai Vong Fast Boat Pier. Travelling by ferry to Phu Quoc should take about 2.5 hours. When purchasing your ferry boat tickets, we suggest using one of the following companies which we have found to lớn be most reliable; Superdong & Phu Quoc Express. The tickets are 230,000 – 300,000 VND ($11-$13 USD) và remember lớn arrive with ticket in hand with plenty of time to spare before departure.

Travelling by private car and ferry


If time & budget allow the most stress-free and relaxing way to get lớn Phu Quoc is to combine the journey with a stop in the Mekong Delta. From Ho chi Minh city travel to đùng Tho & spend the night to enjoy the countryside và visit points of interest like the ancient On Temple or the well-known Cai Rang Floating Market. Can Tho is the heart of the Mekong Delta and is located on the Hau River. The name comes from “Cầm Thi Giang”, meaning river of poems which has a such a romantic flare. Ask a Vietnam Travel consultant about traditional và local modes of transportation such as the ferry, or rowboat. Our consultants can advise & assist with these arrangements.

Travelling by plane


Of course, the fastest and most convenient way to lớn travel to Phu Quoc is by airplane. Departing from chảy Son Nhat Airport in Ho bỏ ra Minh City, travellers can fly Vietnam Airlines, Pacific Airlines or Vietjet Air in just 1 hour khổng lồ Phu Quoc. Although flying is the most expensive option, it is still well priced và can save lots of time with fares ranging from $30-$130 USD. Airfare is subject change until time of booking. Upon arrival in Phu Quoc, taxis are readily available or contact a Vietnam Travel consultant who will be happy to book a private transfer khổng lồ your hotel.

II. Getting around Phu Quoc Island

The best way khổng lồ get around Phu Quoc Island is by motorbike. Especially when you are scouting the area for beautiful beaches và hidden treasures, you will appreciate the mobility of your rented bike. You can rent one from most hotels on the island or from the many small rental shops around Duong Dong Town. Prices range from 100,000 – 150,000 VND per day và the price of gas is nominal. Be sure khổng lồ wear a helmet as the laws in Vietnam are strict, & stay under the tốc độ limit to avoid paying a cash fine to the police.

Of course, it is also easy for you to take a xe taxi or hire a private oto with driver khổng lồ travel around the island. But to lớn get to the smaller islands of the southern archipelago, you need a boat. Go lớn the harbor & ask one of the local guys with the smaller vessels. If you are not a friend of clumsy communication, ask your hotel receptionist or someone at a tour desk khổng lồ organize something, or liên hệ Vietnam Travel’s consultant to lớn arrange an Phu Quoc excursion for you in advance.

III. Things to vày in Phu Quoc

There is an abundance of things to do once you arrive. Activities range from water sports, culinary adventures, bustling night markets and simply relaxing seaside taking in the sun, warmth & fresh air. You will need at least 3 days to lớn enjoy the island và more if you have the time! Here are the đứng top attractions that should not be missed:

1. Enjoy rest and relaxation at Phu Quoc’s stunning beaches


One cannot speak of Phu Quoc Island without mentioning its đứng top attraction: the beaches. Known as one of the most beautiful and isolated islands, the pristine beaches are what attract visitors. There are some well-known beaches spots such as Long Beach, Ong Lang Beach, Khem Beach and Bai Sao Beach where you can take many beautiful photos.

If you’re looking for a more isolated spot, one can still find that special spot allowing complete immersion in the warm, clean sandy beach. Many of the island’s beaches are not marked on maps clearly. Go exploring – seeking và you’ll find one for yourselves.

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2. Learn Vietnamese history at Phu Quoc Prison


Phu Quoc Prison is where Vietnamese soldiers were imprisoned during the Vietnam War. The prison is now a museum where you can see torture instruments, photographs of former prisoners và various exhibits with life-sized mannequins depicting graphic scenes of what life was lượt thích in prison during its operation. Whilst not for everyone, the prison is a way for tourists to lớn learn more about Vietnam’s history and a reminder of the brutalities of war.

The prison is xuất hiện between 7:30am lớn 11 am & 1:30pm khổng lồ 5pm daily & entry costs around 3,000 VND per person. Guided tours are available in a variety of languages.

3. Watch the sunset on the beach with a few cocktails


After a day on the beach, or perhaps being out & about exploring the island, find yourself a bean bag on the beach at a trendy beach bar, order yourself a cocktail và watch the spectacular sunset. All beach bars in Phu Quoc are perfect as you can play in the sand, swim if you lượt thích more or unwind with a few drinks. Vietnam Travel recommends some names such as Rory’s Beach Bar, Sunset Sanato Beach Club, OCSEN Beach Bar & Club, Rock Sunset Island Bar and The Rock Corner Beach Bar và Fast Food…

4. Visit the Phu Quoc night markets


One of the most fun và interesting things about traveling throughout Southeast Asia are the night markets & Vietnam is no different. Phu Quoc has two famous night markets which are both located along Vo Thi Sau Street in Duong Dong Town. One is Dinh Cau (the old one) và Bach Dang (the new one). They are located very near each other và can easily be visited during the same evening. The markets will fill your senses with exotic smells & vibrant colors. Make sure lớn visit the markets hungry as there are food stalls selling seafood and special treats that will make your mouth water. This is also a great place to lớn take care of souvenir shopping but don’t forget to lớn bargain! The night market will come alive around 6:00pm và stay mở cửa until about 10:30pm; weather permitting.

5. Experience local life at yêu thích Ninh Fishing Village


Your time in Phu Quoc Island would not complete without a visit to đắm đuối Ninh Village. This famous and picturesque local fishing village is one of the oldest on the island. One of the main sources of income for people on the island is fishing. This is especially evident here in the village & there are many seafood restaurants. You can also learn more about some of the other sources of income such as pearl and sea cucumber diving. Visiting the village will allow you to get a glimpse into local life và meet the friendly village people.

6. Discover VinPearl Safari Phu Quoc


Located in the complex of Phu Quoc United Center in the northwest of Phu Quoc Island is VinPearl Safari – the first và only mở cửa zoo in Vietnam that was built according to the international safari model. There are two parts of the park: the walking zoo & the safari. Each subdivision in the VinPearl Safari Phu Quoc is a different habitat ensuring that the proper living conditions và standards are met from an animal sustainability và safety standpoint. Here, you can discover different species of wild animals from South Africa, Europe, India, australia etc. They are all well looked after and fed properly which is amazing khổng lồ see. It will be great experience, especially for kids, when you wander at your leisure round the safari, great bus ride, & get up close with elephants, giraffes, tigers & lions, bears, rhinos, hippos, deers, antelope, zebras, monkeys, lemurs, oxen, birds, và many others.

7. Explore Suoi Tranh

Located just a 10 minutes’ drive from town, take a break from the sandy beaches và explore the greenery, natural caves near the Suoi Tranh (Tranh Stream). This is a nature lover’s paradise, perfect for picnics, camping và hiking with beautiful flora và fauna. The best time khổng lồ visit Suoi Tranh is at the rainy season from May till September. The entrance fee is 5,000 VND/person & parking is available for 10,000 VND.

8. Sail to Turtle Island and Fingernail Island


Turtle Island is the most remote và smallest of the 21 islands that trang điểm the Phu Quoc Islands. Possessing thousands of meters of coral reefs, this is an ideal location for snorkeling. Thankfully, the coral reefs have yet lớn be ruined by visitors. From Duong Dong Harbor, catch a boat & sail north along the coast. Whilst sailing, you will have time khổng lồ fish & snorkel the pristine coastline. Don’t forget your waterproof camera or Go Pro lớn capture the natural beauty of this area.

9. Try Snorkeling & Diving around Phu Quoc


The Phu Quoc Islands are known as the most beautiful islands in Vietnam. With 150 kilometers of coastline, Phu Quoc is the ideal destination for lovers of diving & snorkeling. Phu Quoc is comprised of several small islands, twenty-one in total, offering plenty of pristine coastline to enjoy. The best time to lớn snorkel and dive is generally from November khổng lồ April when the sea is calm. Both the northern & southern areas of Phu Quoc offer excellent snorkeling & diving areas to lớn observe various marine life.

Here are some highly recommended spots for snorkeling & diving in Phu Quoc. In the half of the island, try Turtle Island, Fingernail Island và Thom Beach. In the southern areas of the area, kiểm tra out Hon Thom Island, dragon Rock, Dry Island, Roi East, Roi South. Apart from relaxing và immersing yourself in the fresh island air, water lovers will certainly enjoy snorkeling & diving in the natural tranquility of the island.

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10. Ride the longest Cable oto in the world from Phu Quoc lớn Hon Thom Island


A visit to Phu Quoc would not be complete without a ride on the longest cable car in the world! That’s right! This cable oto holds the world record for being the longest cable car which is nearly 8 kilometers each way. Phu Quoc cable oto connects An Thoi Town with Hon Thom Island or otherwise known as Pineapple Island. Board the cable oto in An Thoi và sit back và enjoy the fifteen-minute ride over the xanh waters. The cars provide perfect panoramic views high above waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Hours of operation are from 7:30am to 17:30 every day with a one hour & thirty-minute lunch break. Once you arrive in Hon Thom, there are plenty of activities to lớn enjoy!

Recommended Phu Quoc Tour Packages:The Island Discovery – 3 DaysPhu Quoc Beach Escape – 4 DaysFrom Phu Quoc Island to lớn Angkor Wat – 10 Days

If you’d like to organize a tour to lớn the island paradise of Phu Quoc a Vietnam Travel consultant is ready to lớn make your dream trip into a reality. Click here khổng lồ view suggested Phu Quoc itineraries for your holiday to Vietnam.