Sapa is one of the most scenic regions in Vietphái mạnh.

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It’s famous around the world for its ancient yellow, & green rice terraces carved out of the mountain by the ethnic minorities.

It’s a destination I’ve wanted khổng lồ visit since I started travelling và unexpectedly got the chance khổng lồ cross it off my list in March 2018.

While in Borneo, Malaysia, I discovered that South Africans could get a visa on arrival at the airport if you apply online beforehvà. I quickly abandoned my plans khổng lồ go lớn the Philippines và booked my flights within the next day.

I had zero plans when I arrived in Ho Chi Minch, but I knew the thing I wanted to lớn bởi vì the most was trekking in Sapa.

After doing some research & paying my Sapage authority trekking tour deposit, I started my 2-week trip from the south khổng lồ the north of Vietphái nam.

If you want to lớn know about transport costs, how much khổng lồ budget for a tour, if it’s possible khổng lồ vày a trek solo và what it’s like staying with a local family – here’s everything you need khổng lồ know about trekking in Sapage authority, Vietnam!

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How To Get to SapaWhat To Pachồng for Trekking in SapaTrekking in Sapage authority, VietnamTrekking with Sapa O’ChauWhat to Expect from a Three-Day Trek in Sapa

How To Get lớn Sapa

The best time to go hiking in Sapa is between August & November. The rice fields will be at their most photogenic with beautiful shades of green & gold. But it’s also high season in Sapage authority, so expect more people on the trails, và it will be wise to lớn book your accommodation in advance.

If you want khổng lồ see the rice fields at their greenest, book your trek around June. The only downside is that the rains are frequent and humidity is high. Make sure you have a raincoat, and a waterproof bag to protect your camera gear.

I visited Sapage authority in spring (March to May). The rice terraces were not at their best, but there was tons of farming activity in the fields and blooming flowers. The temperatures were cold in Sapa town, và there was rain the day before my trip. Luckily, the weather was dry for the next three days, but there was a lot of low cloud cover.

Winter in Sapa is from December khổng lồ February. If you sign up for a trekking tour during these months, make sure you bring enough warm layers, as it’s not usual to lớn experience snow during these months.

What To Paông chồng for Trekking in Sapa



If you’re trekking with a company, you’ll be able khổng lồ leave sầu any luggage at their offices. For solo travellers, most hostels also offer a luggage hold service.

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For your trek, you want to keep your daypack light. I used my Freedom of Movement “The Bobby” bag and it held everything I needed for my three-day trek.

But the type of bag you bring will also depend on the time of year you visit Sapage authority in Vietphái mạnh. If you’re planning a trip during the rainy season, you’ll want something waterproof.

What To Wear for Trekking in Sapa

Jacket: No matter what time of year you go to Sapage authority, you’ll want a warm jacket. The nights can get chilly even in the warmer months.Poncho: Ponchos are reusable, lightweight and won’t take up much space in your daypaông xã. It’s perfect for those unexpected downpours that will keep you and your day paông chồng dry.Trekking shoes: Sneakers won’t cut it for trekking in Vietphái nam. The terrain is quite varied. You’ll be walking through muddy hill slides, traversing over slippery rocks in streams và there’s a lot of steep uphills and downhills. With my trek starting the day after a storm, I almost lost my entire shoe khổng lồ the thick clay-mud quite a few times.Clothes: For my trek, I packed three pairs of leggings, three t-shirts và one long-sleeved shirt. Even if the weather is warm, you’ll want khổng lồ cover up as much as possible to avoid sunburn. At such high altitudes, the risk is higher, especially on cloudy days. If you’re travelling lớn Sapa in the colder months, you’ll need lớn layer up lớn stay warm, và it will be easier lớn adjust khổng lồ the temperature as it changes during the day.Socks: If you don’t have waterproof shoes (lượt thích me), you’ll need a couple of pairs of extra socks.

 Personal Items

Mosquito lớn repellent: I picked up a bottle before leaving Sapa town with my guide. It’s cheap & will keep the mozzies away in the early mornings and evenings. You won’t be able to lớn buy any once you start your trek.Sunscreen: The UX index is high in Sapa, buy a bottle in town or bring some with you from trang chủ.Other items: Hat, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, wet wipes, chargers, camera, cellphone & any medications you might need.

Travel Insurance for Sapa

When planning what to lớn vì chưng in Sapa, you should take out a travel insurance policy. You might trip và twist your ankle, or fall và break your br& new DSLR.

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I used World Nomads for my trip lớn Vietnam và I was covered for everything from cancelled flights, stolen bags & unexpected trips to lớn the doctor. You can also easily upgrade your policy khổng lồ make sure you’re covered for any extreme sports or other adventurous you have sầu planned that don’t fall under the standard plan.