From the Marble Mountains to the Son Tra Peninsula, here is the ultimate menu of the best things to lớn vị in Da Nang, Vietnam giới.

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Da Nang in Central Vietphái mạnh is one of those incredible backpacking destinations that is unfortunately skipped by so many travellers.

Many people find themselves being short on time, và rush through Vietnam only aiming for the main destinations like Ho Chi Minh City & Ha Long Bay.

Such a shame, because lots of people just don’t realise that there are so many amazing things to lớn bởi vì in Da Nang!

The comtháng theme is to lớn fly or catch the train inkhổng lồ Da Nang and head straight to the fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hoi An, only 30km away. People often use the city simply as a transit stop, và they miss out on so much.

Even for those that know about what to see in Da Nang, this hip and thriving Vietnamese đô thị proves khổng lồ have a lot going for it. It definitely deserves catching some of your time.

The đô thị of Da Nang is the third-largest in Vietphái nam and has had a tragic yet fascinating history.

If you are interested lớn see more of Vietnam, make sure to lớn read our Vietnam Travel Guide!

From the 16th century, Da Nang has steadily grown in form size và importance from being a small trading port to becoming a large shipbuilding site in the 19th century.

Eventually, Da Nang became the largest commercial port in the region. It was in Da Nang that the French first landed to conquer the country.

It was also the first place that Europeans arrived in Vietphái mạnh when the Portuguese explorerAntónio de Faria anchored off the coast in 1535.

In 1965 the US military arrived and began building air và army bases around the area. The vicinity around Da Nang was heavily affected by the chemical Agent Orange.

The harsh chemical was primarily stored at the international airport in town by the United States, eventually seeping inkhổng lồ the soil and water supply.

The Americans used Da Nang, and its gorgeous My Khe Beach (which they called “Đài Loan Trung Quốc Beach”), as a place for rest và recuperation for soldiers fighting elsewhere in the country.

These days its history is all but a distant memory for the youth & travellers who grow up and visit the city.

There is a booming restaurant và food scene developing and its proximity to lớn natural attractions lượt thích the Hai Van Pass và the Marble Mountains make it a great place khổng lồ get out & explore the outdoors.

If you are looking for the best things to vị in Da Nang, then look no further than this article!

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Epic views from the Marble Mountains – one of the best things lớn bởi vì in Da Nang, Vietphái nam.

Table of Contents

The Top Things lớn Do in Da NangDa Nang Travel GuideWhere to lớn Stay in Da NangHow khổng lồ Get lớn Da Nang

The Top Things to Do in Da Nang

You’ve found yourself in the đô thị & are curious about what to bởi vì in Da Nang. Do you hit up the coast first, or wander the bustling streets?

Maybe you’re feeling hungry và want to try the famous Vietnamese cuisine!

Or if you are an adventurous person perhaps you long desire khổng lồ rent a motorbike và hit up the Hai Van Pass.

The danh sách of things lớn do in Danang just goes on and on, but let’s start with the five best activities in Da Nang.

The Marble Mountains

The Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son or “Five sầu Elements Mountains) are a cluster of marble và limestone hills just 7km from the city, & one of the best things to lớn vị in Da Nang!

The mountains are full of caves, tunnels và Buddhist shrines just waiting khổng lồ be explored!

Ancient folklore says that a rồng emerged from the sea và laid an egg on the beach. 1000 days và nights passed và eventually, an exquisite lady was born.

The remains of the eggshells grew inlớn the Marble Mountains that you can see today.

Over the centuries the Marble Mountains were used as a safe haven for soldiers & a place of worship for Buddhists. Today it is one of the most popular attractions in the city!

For years the hills were mined for their valuable stone, although that has been recently banned. You can see examples of intricate stonework in the roadside workshops surrounding the Marble Mountains.

If you are feeling energetic you can climb to the summit of one of the mountains, offering absolutely spectacular views over the entire area.

Don’t miss this Da Nang must-see!

Marble Mountains Entrance Fee: trăng tròn,000 VND

If you’re interested in going on a guided tour of the Marble Mountains, then the company Get Your Guide offers great value, all-inclusive sầu tours.

The view from the top of the Marble Mountains – A must bởi for anyone wondering what to vị in Da Nang.

Take a Snorkelling Tour khổng lồ Cham Island

Not too far from the coast of Da Nang is Cđắm say Isl&, a place that not too many tourists get to, but well worth a visit.

This spectacular island is known for having some of the best snorkelling in Vietnam and is a perfect way to lớn spkết thúc a day outside of the đô thị.

There are a few different ways to get out there, but the best & most enjoyable way is lớn join a tour.

This one from Get Your Guide includes piông chồng up from your hotel, the boat cruise, snorkeling and underwater walking (a pretty unique experience) and a delicious seafood lunch.

Chechồng Out the Dragon Bridge

The Dragon Bridge is one of the best known Da Nang attractions thanks lớn its chất lượng kiến thiết & interesting light show.

When the local government built it, they hired an artist to make it stvà out, & the over result was this fantastic dragon-themed thiết kế.

It is 666m in length và is the longest bridge of its kind in all of Vietnam.

Make sure you time your visit lớn be a weekkết thúc because at 9 pm every Saturday and Sunday they turn the lights on and the Long breathes actual fire!

Son Tra Peninsula

The beautiful rainforest that juts out inlớn the sea from the city of Da Nang is called the Son Tra Peninsula. At a form size of over 4000 hectares, this place is massive!

Rent a scooter or motorcycle lớn ride along the newly-built road to the over and kiểm tra out the nature reserve sầu, và stop off lớn visit one of the most important religious sights in the area, Quan Am.

Keep an eye out for the red shanked duoc langars that live on the Son Tra Peninsula. They are quite beautiful if you catch a glimpse of one!

Son Tra is a perfect getaway from the city & perfect for those wondering what khổng lồ vị in Da Nang.

There are plenty of untouched beaches along the peninsula and some excellent viewpoints, making this one of the most pristine beautiful places to lớn visit in Da Nang.

One of the viewpoints along the gorgeous Son Tra Peninsula.
When you reach the kết thúc of the road on the Son Tra Peninsula you get lớn a cool nature reserve. Be sure khổng lồ go for a hike in a side of Da Nang that few ever see.

Relax at My Khe Beach

The beaches here are truly lovely and a real solid reason lớn visit Da Nang.

The long stretches of trắng svà are a perfect place to chill out on a hot afternoon, and with so much space it’s easy to find a spot all lớn yourself.

My Khe is the longest beach in Da Nang, and arguably one of the top ones in the entire country.

Head down for sunrise to lớn see locals making the most of the start of the day, or come bachồng in the afternoon for some delicious seafood served up in the restaurants.

If you’re a surfer, this is a perfect spot to come down to lớn catch some small swell.

Visit the Cđê mê Museum

Vietphái nam has a fascinating indigenous history, & one of the best places to lớn experience this is the area around Hoi An và Da Nang.

The Csi people lived in this region nearly 1000 years ago, and built some of the most iconic structures in all of Vietnam giới, such as the My Son ruins.

If you love sầu your history và want to lớn check out another cool idea for what to do in Da Nang, head khổng lồ the Cmê mệt Museum.

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This museum has the largest collection of Cham artifacts in the country, and the statues và carvings you’ll find here are mind-blowing.

If you have sầu more of an interest in Csi history, definitely book yourself into a tour of My Son ruins from Da Nang.

Address: Số 02 2 Tháng 9, Bình Hiên, Hải ChâuOpening hours: every day from 7 AM – 5 PMPrice: 60,000 VND

Hai Van Pass

Made famous in an episode of the TV show, Top Gear, the Hai Van Pass has now become a bucket menu cửa nhà for thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts (and amateurs) và adventurers looking for alternative things to lớn bởi in Da Nang.

This 21km mountain pass between Da Nang and Hue offers some of the most incredible ocean views in all of Vietphái mạnh.

A new highway tunnel that has been built to lớn bypass the road ensures that traffic numbers now are low, although the ride can still be quite technical; especially if you are inexperienced or the weather turns bad.

Rent a scooter from town and leave sầu early in the morning if you plan on being baông chồng in Da Nang the same day.

There are also a number of tour companies that can help you ride the Hai Van Pass if you aren’t a confident motorbike rider.

Chechồng out our guide on riding the Hai Van Pass.

You can book a full-on motorxe đạp tour of the Hai Van pass on Get Your Guide.

The famous Hai Van Pass.
Another side of the Hai Van Pass.

Explore the Markets and Do a Cooking Class

One of the best things to bởi vì when travelling around Vietnam giới is to lớn explore the thousands of markets you can find in every town.

They are an assault on the senses, & it feels as though you can find just about anything you could ever need in them.

Fruits, meats and vegetables are common of course, but so are electrical equipment, housing supplies, health supplements and everything else under the sun.

In Da Nang the markets are truly amazing, but they can be overwhelming lớn wander through them if you’re not used lớn the hustle & bustle of Southeast Asian markets.

A great Da Nang activity is to join a cooking class that includes a visit khổng lồ the markets.

On this tour you’ll be picked up from your accommodation và taken to lớn the markets to piông chồng up the ingredients you’ll need khổng lồ make some delicious Vietnamese cuisine.

Afterwards you head to lớn a real working farm so you can see how the locals tover lớn their fields, pick some more vegetables, và then it’s time to lớn head lớn the kitchen!

You’ll be taught how lớn make a range of popular Vietnamese dishes, lượt thích pho, spring rolls and papaya salad. You can then take this new knowledge trang chủ with you to lớn make your own food (& wow your friends)!

It’s a great day out, and one of the top things lớn vì in Da Nang, Vietphái mạnh.

Eat The Food

We didn’t know that Da Nang had such a happening food scene until we stayed at the amazing Funtastic Hostel, which is sadly now closed.

Owned by Summer from Danang Cuisine, one of the most famous food blogs in the country, she really opened our eyes to lớn the culinary delights around the city.

Naturally, being so cthua trận to lớn the ocean, fresh seafood is on many restaurants’ menus. There are plenty of awesome street food lớn try as well if you are on a budget. For our biggest và best recommendation go eat at Tam’s Pub And Surf Shop.

Make sure you have a few hours spare to lớn listen to Tam’s fascinating stories of what life was lượt thích growing up during the war (& try her vegetarian burgers).

If you’re more of a street food type of person, then you’ll have no shortage of restaurants to lớn eat at. Just cruise up và down the road và grab a chair at any of the busy spots!

Lesh and Tam – Da Nang’s coolest resident, và maker of delicious vegetarian burgers!

Tam’s Pub & Surf Shop

Address: 38 An Thuong 5Opening hours: every day from 8 AM – 9 PM

Head lớn the Ba Na Hills

You’ve probably seen a photo lớn on Instagram of a long bridge high above sầu a mountainous landscape, with huge concrete hands seemingly holding it up.

That spot is in the Ba Na Hills, & you can go visit it yourself!

Besides walking across the bridge & getting your Insta pics, a real highlight in the hills here is checking out the Linh Ung Pagodomain authority và visiting a minority village.

If you don’t want khổng lồ ride your own scooter up there, you can book a tour that includes the cable oto here.

Non Nuoc Beach

When people think of Vietphái mạnh, surfing is not something that immediately springs khổng lồ mind. But still, it is possible to lớn go surfing in Vietnam!

There is a growing surf community here who take advantage of the consistent and fun beach breaks along My Khe Beach (known more commonly aao ước American soldiers as China Beach).

If surfing isn’t your scene you can always go for a swim or simply relax on the spotlessly clean s&.

No missing out on some chill-out timewhen you’re at the beach! Seriously – spending time at the beach is one of the best things to lớn do in Da Nang!

If you really feel lượt thích splurging out make sure you kiểm tra out all the incredible beachside resorts in Da Nang(& use the code: AGODANMD10 khổng lồ get 10% off your khách sạn stay).

Non Nuoc Beach stretches for 20 miles meaning it is easy to lớn find your own private area away from the crowds.

Da Nang Travel Guide

Now that you have sầu your itinerary phối for Da Nang, we wanted to tóm tắt our list of best places for a comfortable stay in Da Nang – no matter what your budget may be!

Where to lớn Stay in Da Nang

There are tonnes of great accommodation in Da Nang, from 5-star beachside resorts to funky backpackers & cheap guesthouses.Really the only thing you are limited by is your budget! readers receive an exclusive 10% off when booking their accommodation with agoda. Use the coupon: AGODANMD10

Best Backpacker Hostel In Da Nang

Our favourite hostel in Da Nang has now closed, but a new one has just opened up & is getting amazing Reviews thanks lớn its trendy, funky style.

Rom Casa Hostel Da Nang is a shipping container hostel located between the beach & the Han River, giving it brilliant access khổng lồ just about everything you would need for your stay in the city.

They know all of the top things to vì chưng in Da Nang, so you know you’re visit to the thành phố is going khổng lồ be perfect.

Best Budget HotelIn Da Nang

One of Da Nang’s best-kept secrets in terms of budget places to stay is the Da Nang Beach 2 Hotel. We stumbled across this place the first time we rode into town và couldn’t believe sầu our luck!

It’s only a few minutes stumble to lớn the beach, the staff are amazing, the rooms are bright và clean and the wifi rocks.

There are also heaps of good bars and restaurants within walking distance as well. Highly recommended!

Best Mid-Range Hotel In Da Nang

If you want lớn stay somewhere that is a bit nicer, a bit more modern and has a bit more character, then make sure you head to lớn Sofia Boutique Hotel.

Located righton the beach and only a few kilometres from the city centre, this khách sạn has room-service, daily housekeeping, safes in the rooms, TVs & just about everything else you could need to kichồng back & relax in the thành phố, without breaking the bank!

Best Luxury Hotel In Da Nang – A Lot Per Night

Da Nang just happens to lớn have sầu one of the best luxury hotels in all of Southeast Asia – The Intercontinental Da Nang Sun Peninsula Resort.

Now we’ll be honest – this is the kind of place you look at if you are going on a honeymoon, money isn’t an option or you just want khổng lồ splash out on somewhere that will blow your mind.

Our friends got married there so we got lucky & had a chance lớn check out the property. All we say is: WOW!

How lớn Get khổng lồ Da Nang

There’s a whole bunch of different ways lớn get to Da Nang. The easiest, and most efficient, is to fly in.

Da Nang has an international airport that services a whole bunch of different countries, và has excellent connections with Hanoi và Ho Chi Minh City.

If you want to lớn travel by lvà Da Nang is well connected with all of Vietphái mạnh via its coastal train system and bus network. You can also check out the options on Bookaway.

If you find somewhere else that is worth staying at in Da Nang make sure you leave a phản hồi below và let us know so we can check it out next time we’re in town! We hope you found tonnes of great information in this post on what to vị in Da Nang! All the best và happy travels.

For those looking for comfortable airport transfers from the airport lớn Hoi An, you can book it on Get Your Guidefor cheap.

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