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Just as true love sầu has to surpass several obstacles, the Valley of Love in Dalat had to lớn surpass many challenges in the past in order to lớn gain its rightful name today.

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History và Location

Just as true love has to lớn surpass several obstacles, the Valley of Love in Dalat had to lớn surpass many challenges in the past in order khổng lồ gain its rightful name today. In the beginning, the valley was called Vallée D’amour (Valley of Love) by the French before being renamed The Valley of Piece. In 1935, its beauty and captivation persuaded people khổng lồ once again name it after the most wonderful thing in the world: Love sầu. Thanks to lớn being the honeymoon destination of newly-married couples, this valley is even regarded as Niagara Fall of Vietphái nam.

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The Valley of Love today is located 4 miles away from the center of Dalat, the little Paris, on Phu Dong Thien Vuong St.

What to see

Throughout history, it has been one of the most picturesque và lãng mạn sites of the đô thị, with many deep valleys and endless pine forests. The tranquil Da Thien Lake, which was created in 1972, also adds a great deal lớn the attractiveness of the valley in general. To truly appreciate the sceneries is not hard because travelers can easily follow the natural tracks & staircases all around the valley lớn visit and admire the gorgeous flower gates và statues.

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The tracks lead khổng lồ Vong Canh Hill from which The Valley of Love’s magnificent view gradually appears in each traveler’s eyes. From that hill, they can also see the Langbian peaks standing out vividly against the xanh sky, or continue their adventure lớn find the Paradise Hill, another ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá destination which is surrounded by beautiful lakes. Overall, the valley is another wonderful addition khổng lồ your trip khổng lồ the romantic Dalat.

Does it sound like a great rendezvous khổng lồ say your marriage proposal? Not really, because anyone can possibly fall in love sầu with the landscape before fully listening lớn what you say. But in case you are really making a proposal, give it a shot. Even if she/he refuses you, at least you will have sầu been lớn The Valley of Love sầu.

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Some amusements that tourists can have in this site are horseriding, jeep safari, motorized và peddle boat on the lake


Don"t forget to lớn bring camera when coming here. These fantastic scenes worth shooting

The site opens dailyy till 5.00PM, entrance fee is less than $1.

Useful Information

Location: Thung Lũng Tình Yêu, Phường 8, Da Lat, Lam Dong, Vietnam giới Best for: Couple Entrance: less than $1 Hours: 8:30AM - 5PM Distance lớn đô thị center: 5.0km (3.1 mi)