Seasing boutique hotel

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SeaSing Boutique Hotel, Nha Trang, Vietnam

Located 40 meters from the beach và 3km from Nha Trang downtown. On this 3km journey, you can enjoy Nha Trang beach, crossTran Phubridge which was built khổng lồ connect the two shores of the romanticCai riverand pristineXom Conestuary, also see the ancientPonagartower at the front entrance, reachHon ChongPromontory in few steps from a pavement of Tran Phu...and from hereSeaSing Boutique Hotelwelcomes you!SeaSing hotel has 15 floors with 80 rooms and many facilities you would expect: búp phê restaurant, sauna, massage, bar, swimming pool và other utilities. All the furnitures & utility services are built khổng lồ reach the 4-star standard. Founding the wood materials as our main decoration spotted with light shelters made by bamboo, wood & rough fabrics, yes, it"s a close to lớn nature concept fromSeaSing Boutique Hotel.All 80 rooms have best view on facing the sea, so that you can enjoy Nha Trang beach on your vacations or business trips. Besides, there are some rooms facing both the city and the sea. The other floors for services such as sauna, massage, bar, pool are also facing sea. Fresh & cool air from the East Sea will enter each of your rooms. Và when you wake up every morning, you can walk along the beach or sunbathe & relax on the chairs prepared for you.

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Considered Vietnam’s most famous seaside resort-town, Nha Trang attracts foreign tourists for not only its stunningly pristine beaches but also the urban atmosphere of a young tourist city.

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Nha Trang is a seaside town, also the capital thành phố of Khánh Hòa Province – on the South Central Coast of Vietnam. Nha Trang is becoming increasingly popular in recent years because of its pristine beach, best scuba diving center of Vietnam as well as lots of interesting places và delicious food khổng lồ enjoy.

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