Sea Sense Phu Quoc Resort & Spa


Located on Phu Quoc Isl&, a paradise in The Gulf of Vương Quốc của nụ cười which has monsoonal sub - equatorial climate with a temperate weather all year round, Sea Sense Resort is well known as a Four Star resort và a tropical ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá location to get away from the busy and crazy life of modern cities. Nested in a 7 ha jungle and hugged by a 600 metre length sea shore, Sea Sense Resort has 55 Ocean Front View Villas facing the West Blue & Calm Water Sea.

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Saparate with noisy local houses by a long sloping road và thick natural jungle area, Sea Sense welcomes you with warmth coming from friendly & helpful staffs, tropical sunlight và lãng mạn songs coming from sea wave sầu laping the shore… Nothing disturbs you. There are only natural green trees, tropical colourful flowers, xanh sea, White s&, sunlight và you. The best time to lớn travel và to lớn enjoy its beauty is around late Oct to April when the sky is xanh và clear, the sea is calm and pure.Sea Sense is the location calling up all your senses.





First time in Vietnam giới. Lovely people, great climate etc. Specifically khổng lồ Sea sense, this place is great. The staff are friendly & always helpful, the food is insanely good (try the sweet & sour seafood hotpot và mushroom risotto) and the beach is perfect for relaxing- great water temp và clean. The room was great, comfortable bed, clean, airbé worked great, người as well to keep air circulating, a nice bathroom etc. Tv was great, it had some awesome fox channels- eg discovery, movies etc (english with viet subtitles).”

“Hotel/spa làm đẹp lovely. Much like a boutique khách sạn feel as opposed khổng lồ a resort. Bungalows were amazing and clean. Staff were incredibly friendly và helpful. Massages spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp and thể hình super. Pool was lovely as was the beach. Scenery/grounds lush. All in all we spent a wonderful 7 days. Great value for the price & would not hesitate khổng lồ recommover this hotel/spa.”

All the staff are kind và friendly. I am sorry for not having time lớn say goodbye lớn each one. The manager was very helpful to lớn arrange everything we needed during our stay. The khách sạn beach is rate 10. Also the pool & spa làm đẹp. The restaurant offers excellent và diverse options at honest prices.I hope we can come back to Sea Sense in the near future.

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All Suite Villas are wooden space living atmosphere phối up with one lovely King form size bed, large bathroom, an open air marble bathtub và a lãng mạn panoramic view terrace. Located on the hill, all Suites have distinctive beauty which brings privacy & warmth feeling thanks khổng lồ the colour of wood.....
Also phối on the hill, only green plant carpet & rocky beach with many shaped rocks separate amongst you and the sea. Oceanfront villas are facing khổng lồ the the sea, and the sun at dawn. Immersing in the open air bathtub on the balcony, & enjoying your cocktail with beloved persons when the sun is...

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Nested amongst natural tropical trees, the balcony of these rooms are very cool và fresh. Sitting at the balcony to breath the oxygen in, coming from the natural tree is the useful cure for your body toàn thân after hard labour days. Deluxe pháo room is best selection for saving holidays. The rooms are quite...