Ho chi Minh đô thị Opera House is a venue for performing arts & organizing major events. We now go to lớn visit this place.

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Saigon opera house |

Ho chi Minh đô thị Opera House

The opera house is located at 7 Cong Truong Lam Son Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho chi Minh City.The ticket price và duration of performance depend on each show. The price will be around 700,000 VND / person.Opening hours for visiting: 09:00 am – 4:00 pm (weekdays); 09:00 am – 12:00 pm (weekends)Website:

The Saigon Opera House has a special architecture with Gothic style in the late 19th century. This building has an architecture similar to lớn the Opera House in Hanoi.

The Ho đưa ra Minh city Theater is for professional programs, such as Kich Noi performances, Cai Luong, music, opera, bale dance… and for all major art groups in this city và the southern region.

If you want to lớn visit the theatre, you can buy tickets to watch the performance on the counters or the website above. After finishing the show, you can take a look around the theatre.

1. History of Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị Opera House

Ho đưa ra Minh city Opera House is a long-standing cultural and historical site. The theatre was inaugurated on January 1, 1900, by the French government. This place was built with the purpose of becoming an entertainment centre for luxury guests.

In 1863, the French government invited a singing group to perform in Saigon to entertain the French expedition soldiers. In the beginning, the troupe performed at the wooden house at Dong Ho Square. Later, a temporary theatre was established at the location of the Caravelle hotel today (that is one of the đứng top 5-star hotels in HCMC). In 1898, the Opera House was started right next lớn the old theatre and opened on January 1, 1900.

Saigon Central Theatre in 1908 | Photo: internet/vnexpress

Between the First World và the Second World Wars, the thành phố government spent lớn bring the singing troupe from France lớn here. Although it was intended to become an entertainment centre for rich guests, this theatre increasingly lost customers, because nightclubs và music bars in Saigon made more fun.

After the first active period, the theatre only had moderate activities with singing, concerts and Cai Luong. Due to lớn the criticism of expensive organization costs, the thành phố government once intended khổng lồ turn the site into a concert hall (Salle de Concert). However, this intention has not been realized. In 1944, the theatre was seriously damaged and had to stop working.

In 1955, the theatre was renovated but used as the National Assembly Headquarter of the South Government of the public of Vietnam

After 1975, the building returned to lớn its original function of performing arts. In 1998, on the occasion of the 300th birth of Saigon, the đô thị Government had a major renovation, preserving the original architectural style. Thus, some decorations & sculptures in the front of the theatre such as the statue of the goddess of art, the festoon … were restored.

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2. The quality architecture of the Central Theater

The opera house belongs to lớn architectural & artistic monuments. It has an area of 2,016m². The Saigon Opera has its unique characteristics. The designers are the architect Félix Olivier, Ernest Guichard and Eugène Ferret.

The facade is influenced by the art of Petit Palais built the same year in France. Advanced interior thiết kế covers full equipment for sound and light.

Ho chi Minh Opera House |

In addition to the ground floor, 2 other floors are totalling 1800 seats. All of the decorative patterns, reliefs were painted by a famous painter in France, which are similar to those of French theatre in the late 19th century & sent from France.

However, the decoration on the front face of the theatre also had many criticisms, the details were quite cumbersome and confusing. So in 1943, some of these decorations were removed for the purpose of rejuvenating architectural styles. But, most of the original details were restored in 1998 during the time of big restoration of the opera house.

3. Main activities of Ho chi Minh city Opera House

The opera house has a modern sound and light system, which is a great place for professional performances. Many fashion shows have been organized in this building.

The theatre has 5 highlight shows that are good khổng lồ watch:

AO Show: The sound “A” means “village”, and “O” is the ‘city’. The performance takes you khổng lồ the countryside of South Vietnam which is rustic và simple: When it’s familiar, when it is full of surprises. Another interesting feature is the bamboo items using in the performance skillfully.The Mist: The morning dew is an emotional performance that shows the life of the Vietnamese community. Follow a story focused on the tradition of rice farming, telling the starting of Vietnam culture originated from agriculture activities. You have a good chance khổng lồ see classical và modern dances by the talent Vietnamese dancers. You will know the farmers’ life from dawn until harvest.Opera Gala: Organizes symphony concerts with legendary tunes from renowned composers like Mozart, Beethoven…Musical Dance: Classic dances are performed by professional actors và talented orchestras.Vietnamese music programs: many famous singers will perform popular songs telling about the country, love, and life.

4. Some notes when visiting the Saigon Opera House

You should come to the theatre around 15 – trăng tròn minutes before the show starts.At the over of most shows, there is a short time to take pictures with the singers và dancers.Do not carry the food và drinks that can cause a strong smell inside the building.Dress code lớn come here is elegant clothes.You may come to lớn the opera house lớn take pictures in front of the building at any times.

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This Opera House is one of the famous destinations in Ho đưa ra Minh City. It is great to enjoy one of the performance there. If you have a chance, we recommend you to watch the AO show.