District 1, Saigon is well-known for the local and tourists with many shopping centres, theatres, fashion stores, & hundreds of eateries. The most famous and delicious restaurants in Ho bỏ ra Minh city seem lớn gather in the main district. When you come khổng lồ District 1, here are the top eating places you need khổng lồ know.

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1. An phái mạnh Quan Restaurant

Photo: An nam giới Quan

An nam Quan restaurant is the famous restaurant system selling Central Vietnamese food, typically da Nang cuisine. An nam giới Quan offers diners unique và new dishes with the “strange – delicious – clean – beautiful decoration” criterion. All of these make eaters surprise và find a strange taste and unique decoration in a cozy & luxurious space.

The thực đơn has more than 80 dishes, of which 60% are dishes from da Nang. An nam Quan is one of the delicious restaurants in District 1 that you should not miss in Saigon.

The most attractive food in the restaurant is the “chicken on the tray”. Come khổng lồ An nam Quan, you will enjoy this special dish. Only on a large tray, there are different kinds of food, including boiled chicken, chicken salad, sticky rice with chicken, all are beautifully ranged và delicious.

In addition, An phái nam Quan also serves the rustic dishes of the countryside. It is a dish of salted pork that is quite strange khổng lồ the Saigoneers but very familiar khổng lồ the Central people, especially the people of da Nang. This dish is usually processed on Tet holidays. Although it looks simple, it creates very strange taste by the combination of pork & fish sauce, which is soaked for many days. If you have an opportunity to lớn Saigon, you should bring the whole family here to enjoy the Central flavour.

Address 1: 59 Nguyen Binh Khiem, da Kao Ward, District 1, HCMC.Price: 120,000 – 200,000 VND / person.Phone number: 0283 9326 865.Opening hours: 10:00 am – 11:30pm

2. Quan tiền Bui Restaurant

Many people have conditions khổng lồ eat more delicious foods, but still want lớn find the simple or ordinary dishes of Vietnamese families. The drawback for them right now is that most people are busy, they bởi not have enough time khổng lồ make such simple things.

Quan Bui Restaurant understands the needs of customers, has learned & developed a thực đơn of traditional dishes of Vietnamese food. Quan liêu Bui restaurant uses natural materials for cooking, say no to colourings, monosodium glutamate & limit the use of sugar in foods.

To ensure the health of customers và service unique is the first thing that Bui restaurant takes priority. The soups và hotpot broths are made from chicken broth. Ingredients of quan lại Bui are imported from wholesale markets, & tofu is made by chefs of the restaurant to lớn serve customers.

Quan Bui has good rates, so the guests come to lớn the restaurant most of the time. The eaters here include foreign visitors và local people. Many Japanese customers typically like the style và food of quan Bui.

If you are fed up with Western food or fast food & want to tìm kiếm for home-made flavours, Bui restaurant is one of the really suitable destinations for you.

3. Cua Khoi Hotpot (Crab hotpot Khoi)

Cua Khoi Hotpot | Photo: FB Lê Phương Thảo

The artisan of this famous hotpot restaurant is Mr Ton That Khoi. More than two decades working as a chef, his profession, talent & skilful skills have brought the reputation of Cua Khoi Hot Pot khổng lồ many regions in Vietnam.

Visitors have the opportunity lớn go to Saigon, and once taste the Crab hotpot of the restaurant, they are impressed. It is because of the rich sour và sweet soup, sweet và greasy crap taste, và fragrant smell. Cua Khoi has a passionate culinary flavour, as an invitation to điện thoại tư vấn the guests returning khổng lồ Saigon.

The cửa hàng space is gentle và quiet lượt thích a cool wind from the river to Saigon. The rows of rustic wooden tables are neatly placed on the wooden floor of the coffee colour. The pure white wall makes the space wider, bringing relaxation và comfort for guests lớn enjoy. Besides, you will receive enthusiastic, considerate và thoughtful service from the staff.

4. Pachi Pachi Restaurant

Pachi Pachi restaurant offers you fresh meats that have been marinated with spices và the perfect sauce. The restaurant is famous for its hot grilled dishes with fresh ingredients that are true of Japanese cuisine.

The catching-eye dishes here attracts diners with the sweet taste of food. Meat materials at Pachi Pachi restaurant are imported from the US, lớn ensure to lớn bring the best chất lượng ingredients to customers. The restaurant has different types of beef, waiting for your family lớn enjoy it. The meat is carefully marinated, you just need to showroom a little aromatic onion, and bake it up to lớn be ready khổng lồ taste.

Another dish is also nice to lớn try, that is satay squid. The dishes made from squid are always nutritious and delicious. Grilled satay squid has a specific aroma, very suitable for tasting with a local beer.

With a reasonable price, cozy space, Pachi Pachi is a perfect choice for a group or family party.

Address: 52 Mac Dinh Chi, Dakao Ward, District 1, HCM, VietnamPrice: 50,000 – 220,000 VND per personPhone number: 028 6295 9294Opening hours: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm, và 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm.

5. Kimchi Kimchi Restaurant

Kimchi Kimchi Restaurant | Photo: FB Ha Vu

Korean culinary culture increasingly attracts many young people khổng lồ experience unique & interesting dishes, bringing the unique features of the famous Kim chi country.

It is not difficult to find a place lớn enjoy Korean food in HCM. But lớn have a perfect location full of culture & quintessence of Korean cuisine, harmonious in space, Kimchi Kimchi restaurant chain is the right choice for you. In addition khổng lồ delicious food, Kimchi Kimchi’s attraction is probably in the well-invested space và enthusiastic staff, giving comfort khổng lồ customers.

The architecture seems lớn be taken care of in every detail, telling the typical culture. Youthful, elegant & cozy design is the first feeling when you enter here. You will have well care about the nice food when you come to lớn this restaurant.

Address: 83 Nguyen thai Hoc, Cau Ong Lanh Ward, District 1, HCMC.Price: 49,000 – 329,000 VND per dish.Phone: 028 38 376 684.Opening hours: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm.

6. Beefsteak Hai con Bo Restaurant

As a leading brand of steak selling American beef in Vietnam, the system of Beefsteak Hai bé Bo (Two Cows Beefsteak) brings a delicious and unique meal lớn customers. With the advantage of beautiful locations, Two Cows Beefsteak help diners not only have a delicious meal but also enjoy a beautiful and cozy space.

Safety is the priority in the restaurant. All dishes are produced and preserved in a closed process, and the additives are quality and expensive products. With the sole goal of ensuring the food chất lượng to serve guests is the success of the restaurant.

With 100% US beef, Beefsteak Two Cows ensures to lớn give eaters the freshest pieces of beef, imported directly from the US. This place is the first restaurant certified by the American Beef Association (USMEF) as the first Vietnamese restaurant to process all dishes from 100% American beef. Thus, beef is preserved và processed according khổng lồ a strict management process from the kitchen to the table, ensuring to retain the full nutritional value & savour of the dish.

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Two Cows Beefsteak prepares typical flavours of beef dishes, which are served with fresh vegetables, tubers, fruits from reputable leading distributors. In addition, the cozy & romantic space helps you have great experiences with your family, relatives, friends và colleagues.

Address 1: 85 Nguyen Cu Trinh, p Nguyen Cu Trinh, District 1, Ho chi Minh City.Price: 65,000 – 110,000 VND per person.Phone number: 028 6659 0909Opening hours: 6:30 am – 10:00 pm.

7. Lau Mam bố Du Restaurant

Photo: lau Mam bố Du

Lau Mam tía Du (Ba Du fish-sauce hotpot) restaurant has launched & developed the typical flavour of fish-sauce hotpot. You can taste the hotpot in a warming place, that is great for a family reunion, where you can feel the taste of the countryside in Mekong Delta.

Besides the famous fish-sauce hotpot, the restaurant also develops more traditional dishes such as crab hotpot, seafood hotpot and many grilled dishes.

The most special thing in the bố Du Hot Pot Restaurant is the “Clean Vegetable buffet for free” program. The guests can eat a vegetable as much as they like. It is because hotpot connoisseurs will know how delicious vegetables affect the hotpot, so using không tính phí clean vegetables is one of the things that helps the restaurant attract more customers.

In Saigon, bố Du Hot Pot is not the oldest place to lớn serve the special hotpot dishes of Mekong Delta, nor is it the most luxurious place to serve meals. But lau Mam ba Du has the most dedicated service, & the place brings the standard taste of fish-sauce hotpot.

Address: 19 Tran Khac Chan, rã Dinh Ward, District 1, HCMCPrice: 160,000 – 264,000 VND per dish.Phone number: 1900 9499.Opening hours: 10:00 am – 11:00pm.

8. Pho Ngoc Restaurant

Pho Ngoc Restaurant sells a delicious bowl of pho at an affordable price. This place is not a real reastaurant because its location in the small alley.

However, the restaurant also looks clean, specializing in serving delicious pho with good service. Pho Ngoc Restaurant has a Southern flavour, famous for more than 30 years in Saigon, located on Ho Hao Hon Street (near the junction of Vo Van Kiet). This restaurant is one of the oldest noodle siêu thị in Saigon that almost everyone knows.

Over the past 30 years, the flavour of Pho Ngoc (or Pho on Ho Hao Hon street) has remained the same taste. Its broth is rich with many different types of cows cooked. When eating pho, the guests địa chỉ more vegetables. With an affordable price, you will have a full meal.

Each strand of pho is tough but not hard. And the owner has a sweet northern voice serving very friendly. & the shop always considers customers khổng lồ be king.

9. Bun Dau co Khan (Ms Khan Tofu vermicelli)

Bun Dau co Khan |

Ms Khan Taufo Vermicelli is a small restaurant located in the alley in the centre of Saigon. A phối of vermicelli here includes raw vegetables, fried tofu, boiled meat, spring rolls & shrimp sauce. Some vegetables come from Hanoi on a daily basis khổng lồ serve the business.

The quality menu has only Bun Dau Mam Tom (Tofu vermicelli with shrimp sauce). The food here carries the savour of Hanoi style. The Taufu is fried skillfully. The rich taste of shrimp paste and a slight aroma of vegetables combine with fragrant boiled pork, all phối together lớn become the unique flavour that makes many people fascinated.

The process of boiling meat is the most difficult. To lớn make the boiled meat have the proper softness, the chef has khổng lồ watch the fire temperature regularly lớn know when is suitable to put the meat into the water.

You will not only eat the standard tofu noodle with shrimp sauce but also served very thoughtfully & enthusiastically.

Address: 102/26 Cong Quynh, Pham lẩn thẩn Lao Ward, District 1, HCMCPrice: 60,000 – 110,000 VND per dish.Phone number: 028 3837 7309.Opening hours: 10:00 am – 10:00.

10. Quan ghen tuông Restaurant

Quan ganh restaurant was born with ideas from pairs of baskets full of memories of childhood và grandmother’s love. Located in the city centre of Saigon, it is an ideal stop for those who want lớn find a little peaceful and warm atmosphere of the countryside. This is also a favourite lunch spot of the officers, because of the cozy and casual space.

This restaurant is also the right place for parties with large & luxurious space. Ghen tuông restaurant is one of the first restaurants lớn bring Nha Trang cuisine lớn Ho đưa ra Minh City. With a menu of around100 delicious dishes of Nha Trang, the owner upgrades them to lớn become luxurious menus but still retains the chất lượng flavour that is unique.

Meat pie & sour spring rolls that are a famous specialty in Ninh Hoa, Khanh Hoa are one of the best seller delicacies in Quan ganh Restaurant. With nice scents and home-made recipes, the sour rolls & pork rolls have no preservatives & are carefully cooked. So, come khổng lồ Quan Ganh, you are the peace in mind lớn try safe food.

Address 1: 91 Hai ba Trung, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC.Price: 55,000 – 450,000 VND / item.Phone number: 028 66 820 692Opening hours: 9:00 am – 11:00 pm

What to take away:

Above are the famous restaurants in District 1, Ho đưa ra Minh City. They serve nice local food in Saigon & exotic dishes from other places because this city gather culture from different regions.

However, if you are not familiar with Asia and Vietnamese food & fishy taste of the fish sauce, you should not go lớn Bun Dau teo Khan (Ms Khan Taufo vermicelli) & Lau Mam bố Du Restaurant.

If you like Vietnamese flavour only, you may go to the quan Ganh, quan lại Bui, & An nam giới Quan Restaurants. And, Ho Hao Han Pho only serves noodle soup.

Cua Khoi Hotpot (crab hotpot Khoi) is a destination for people who like to enjoy seafood.

And, the other restaurants carry foreign style, but still good food & service. Beefsteak Hai con Bo Restaurant sells beef from the US. Pachi Pachi Restaurant has the influence of US and Japanese style. Kimchi Kimchi Restaurant brings Korean flavour.

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We hope you can choose one of a suitable restaurant for your family & relatives.