Let us guide you on an incredible two-day tour through the complex maze of the Mekong Delta. Experience the river that proudly sits at the heart of rural daily life. On this trip, you’ll cruise down the spectacular delta & through some amazing floating markets!

1 person $3972 people $218 per person3 people $164 per person4 people $135 per person5 people $117 per person6 people $105 per person7 people $96 per person8 people $90 per person9 people $85 per person10+ people $80 per person

Please note – Children up to 3 years old are free of charge, while children 3-11 years old will be required to pay 75% of the adult rate. Please see our FAQs page for further pricing details.

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This tour only operates as a private tour. All group sizes can be accommodated. Children must be at least 4 years old.

We will collect và return you khổng lồ any khách sạn located within Ho đưa ra Minh thành phố Centre. If you are staying out of the city we can collect you for an extra charge depending on the distance. Please get in touch for prices.

Please be sensitive khổng lồ the local customs và ensure you dress respectfully

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Loose, free-flowing clothing is preferred given we will be visiting local communities. Knees and shoulders should be covered at all times.

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You will be collected from your hotel at 8:00 am ready khổng lồ begin our amazing adventure. Our first stop is the Cai Be Pier along the mighty Mekong River. Sit back và relax as our ‘sampan’ (a traditional motorised boat) takes you along the serene canals. These hidden waterways are engulfed in lush vegetation và local villages where you can admire the colours and culture alike.

Next up, we get back on the dry land of the rã Phong island. After a quick stop off at a tasty fruit orchard, we will experience the enchanting music of Vietnam as guests of a local performance và take a guided bicycle tour of this marvellous island. Along the way, we will visit native families and learn how these locals use the land khổng lồ craft everything from delicate rice paper khổng lồ the sturdy roofs of their homes. A local family will treat us to Mekong delicacies for lunch which include freshly made spring rolls, fried pumpkin flower, and beautifully braised pork soaked in coconut juice

** We can provide accommodation for those with scooters**

After our special Mekong lunch, we’ll transfer back to our boat and into the smaller canals of the delta. Here we can get up close và be a part of the daily life of local people and farmers. We will see the handicraft of local merchants preparing delicious coconut candy, rice-wine, chất lượng hand-crafted pottery, & bricks made from scratch. Then we’ll head to the Vinh Long Pier and market where you can see even more of the specialities the Mekong has lớn offer.

Finally, we will head khổng lồ Can Tho to reach your accommodation. We’ll have the chance to lớn relax và explore the beautiful nightlife and tasty cuisine of the night market in this spectacular town during your overnight stay.

On day two, we’ll get up early & head straight out khổng lồ make the most of the day. We’ll board our own private boat khổng lồ head to Cai Rang, the biggest floating market in the whole of Asia. You will get khổng lồ experience local produce being sold first hand from boat lớn boat. You’ll get the chance to lớn buy products of your own & you can even sip your morning coffee at one of the awesome floating coffee shops.

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After the market, we will head back to the hotel for some well-deserved breakfast. Having checked out, we’ll head to lớn My Tho khổng lồ visit the breathtaking Vinh Trang pagoda. Here your guide will show you around the incredible five-acre site. They will explain the history of the temple and show you the chất lượng architecture và sculpture. After what promises lớn be an interesting & enjoyable day, we’ll head back lớn Ho đưa ra Minh City và drop you back khổng lồ your accommodation.