Checking In


Customers who use website check-in may be able lớn have sầu their boarding pass sent as an SMS khổng lồ their thiết bị di động phone. With the SMS there’s no need khổng lồ print the boarding pass or visit the airport check-in counter, simply print tags for any checked-baggage by scanning your SMS Boarding Pass at a chcek-in kiosk, attach the bag tags, drop the bags at the bag drop area then head straight khổng lồ the boarding gate. Rethành viên, checked-baggage must be dropped before check-in closes.

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The SMS boarding pass is available to most passengers on a domestic flight within nước Australia, New Zealand or Japan. SMS boarding pass is available for groups of up lớn 10 passengers.

How lớn get your mobile boarding pass

Chechồng in online between 48 hours & 60 minutes before your scheduled flight departure và select the điện thoại boarding pass option.

You’ll be sent an SMS. Use this as your boarding pass at the airport check-in kiosk.

Option 1Group SMS for all passengers

We’ll send one SMS boarding pass for the group. Nominate the điện thoại phone number when you book or kiểm tra in.

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Option 2SMS boarding pass for each passenger

We’ll skết thúc an SMS boarding pass for each passenger. If you have sầu a group booking simply give sầu each passenger’s sản phẩm điện thoại number when you book or check in.



Some passengers will receive sầu an SMS containing a links. Use this link khổng lồ tải về your boarding pass lớn your smartphone’s wallet or passbook app. Please note; this option requires a điện thoại thông minh with an internet connection.

We recommend that you download your thiết bị di động boarding pass lớn your smartphone’s wallet phầm mềm (or iPhone Passbook) before you get khổng lồ the airport. Opening it on your smartphone’s browser will use data và require at least a 3G connection.

Using your di động boarding pass at the airport

When you get lớn the airport, if you have sầu only carry-on baggage, go straight to lớn the boarding gate. As you board, scan your SMS boarding pass in the scanner & print a boarding pass for each passenger.

Make sure that your carry-on baggage complies with our size & weight limits – if it exceeds them, additional charges may apply at the gate.

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Travelling with checked-baggage? Arrive sầu at the airport at least two hours before your scheduled departure . Check-in và bag drop closes strictly 30 minutes before your scheduled departure Go khổng lồ the kiosk và scan your SMS boarding pass When your details appear, select the passengers và bags you want lớn check in The kiosk will then print boarding passes & bag tags. Attach the tags and take your bags to the bag drop Go lớn the boarding gate
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