Only 95 kilometers towards the Southeast of Ho Chi Minc City, Vung Tau is one of the most popular coastal destinations for beach lovers in the southern part of Vietphái nam.

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There are different ways lớn get from Ho Chi Minh khổng lồ Vung Tau. You can choose to lớn hop on a bus, ferry or rent a private vehicle lớn travel to Vung Tau. Whether you want khổng lồ take in the oceanic scenery along the way or relax in an air-conditioned car with your family, there’s always a decent choice khổng lồ meet your needs.

How lớn get from Ho Chi Minch to Vung Tau?

By A Direct Bus from Tan Son Nhat International Airport

By a limousine van by Havaz

This is the most comfortable bus from Ho Chi Minc lớn Vung Tau. You can book a limousine transfer service from Tan Son Nhat Airport lớn Vung Tau with Havaz bus online via Inspitrip. Havaz offers a range of top-notch 9-seat vans with flashy amenities, high-tốc độ Wifi & reliable service khổng lồ take you lớn Vung Tau in a snap of a finger.

After confirming your travel date and making payment, you will receive sầu a booking confirmation sent to lớn your gmail within just a few seconds. Once you arrive sầu at Tan Son Nhat International Airport, the driver holding a board sign will be waiting for you at either international or domestic gate và help you handle with your luggage. Say goodbye to tourist scams or being overcharged by unreliable drivers when you already have our reservation!

In case of changes in your schedule, you will need to lớn inkhung the customer service team 48 hours before your travel date so that you can get a full refund. Have any question or trouble with your ticket? 24/7 happy Customer Support team are always there to help!

Inspitrip’s limousine is ready lớn accompany you

Alternatively, There are a few van operators for the route between the Tan Son Nhat Airport và Vung Tau. All you need is khổng lồ contact them beforehvà for the tickets.

The price range varies around USD $4.3 to USD $4.7 for regular vans & around USD $6.8 for the limousine. Here are some local-trusted operators for your consideration.

Pmùi hương Nam: (+84)913.784 352.Toan Thang: (+84)993. 500.500 – (+84)2543.853.853Phu Hai: (+84)2543.574.838 – (+84)643.574.839.Hoa Mai: (+84)2838.218.928.

By a local bus

Before Jan 25th, 2019, passengers traveling khổng lồ Vung Tau from Tan Son Nhat Airport might need khổng lồ book a van ticket beforehand. However, since the 25th Jan 2019, Bus 72-1 has been started operating, creating one more option for passengers traveling lớn Vung Tau. The bus starts at 12 AM and ends at 23:30 PM daily.

A 5-star bus from Tan Son Nhat Airport to lớn Vung Tau is now available Pholớn by Vietnamnet

The whole trip from the airport to lớn Vung Tau lasts for 150 minutes. There will be one trip every trăng tròn minutes during peak hours and 60 minutes during the rest of the day.

All of the buses are equipped with Wifi connection và Air-con. The bus tickets can be purchased at the ticket counter at the airport. Other than that, you can also keep your baggage in the bus compartment. In case of any change in your flight schedule, you can request for ticket change or refund if needed.

By Jetstar van service

Another option for traveling between Tan Son Nhat International Airport và Vung Tau City is taking the van service offered by Jetstar Pacific. You can claim your tickets online via Jetstar trang web or directly with the ticket kiosk inside the airport.

The ticket price is USD $4.3/pax/way. Your trip with Jetstar van service lasts for 2.5 hours one way & the bus is available every 15 minutes.

Bus khổng lồ Vung Tau from Ho Chi Minc City Center

There are 2 ways to arrive sầu in Vung Tau from Ho Chi Minc city center: bus & minivan.

However, the number of van operators is quite outnumbering the number of operators providing bus to Vung Tau. Maybe in the future, more bus providers will be available, but until 2019, there"s only one bus operator available for you, which is Phuong Trang Express.

A high-end comfy bus by Phuong Trang Express Photo lớn by Phuong Trang Express

By Phuong Trang Bus

You can purchase tickets both online and offline at numerous ticket booths located in Ho Chi Minc. The website for booking online tickets is After clicking on the link, you will then select your pick-up point, departure time, seats and then move on lớn the payment process.

If you want khổng lồ purchase the tickets at the counter, here are the two places you can reach in the two cities:

Saigon ticket booth:

Ticket office: De Tmê mẩn street, Pham mê Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, HCMC.

Phone number: (+84)2838.309.309.

Booth ticket No. 43-44, Ben Xe Mien Dong (East Coach Station), 292 Dinh Bo Linh Street, Ward 25, Binh Tkhô hanh District, HCMC.

Phone number: (+84)2838.309.309.

Vung Tau ticket booth:

3 Ta Uyen street, Vung Tau.

Phone number: (+84)2543.525.354.

Vung Tau Bus Station, Nam Ky Khoi Nghia street, Vung Tau.

Phone number: (+84)2543.532.929.

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Duration: 3 hours.

Price ticket: 115.000 VND/pax/way (USD $4.9/pax/way).

Once you arrive sầu in Vung Tau or back in Saigon, there is a shuttle van transferring you to lớn your accommodation depending on how far it is from the bus station. All you need khổng lồ vì chưng is lớn show the address of your lodge to lớn the operator at the bus station and they will arrange the according shuttle van for you.

However, if your accommodation is too far away from the station, you will need khổng lồ get a cab instead. This is all about their policy, so don"t hesitate to talk to them.

By minivan

There are many different operators that offer you both limousine & regular A/C vans.

The price range for a van varies depending on which type of van and which operator you"re traveling with. It can start at around USD $5.3/pax/way to USD $6/pax/way.

Some of the operators that offer good-chất lượng services are Kumho Samteo, Toan Thang, Hoa Mai, Huy Hoang, Tkhô giòn Vinch, và An Phat Loc. They are all highly praised by both local passengers & foreign travelers, therefore you can freely opt for them for a hassle-không tính phí trip.

The well-equipped limousine from Huy Hoang Phokhổng lồ by Huy Hoang Limousine

However, it is reported that there are some operators which accept random guests along the way, rip them off and never drop them off to lớn the sites they wanted.

In order to lớn get rid of this comtháng scams, remember lớn check with your hotel receptionist or get some advice from a local frikết thúc. Otherwise, use some trusted booking sites that offer you the best price and service khổng lồ avoid scams.

The price you pay includes a không tính tiền mineral water bottle, wet wipe, & air-bé. For limousine, you can get access lớn Wifi connection & sockets to lớn charge your phone when needed.

Usually, most vans will stop over a rest stop along the way. This is where you get to lớn refresh yourself with some snacks, fruits, drinks & of course, the restroom is available as well.

By ferry/speedboat

If you are short in time but still crave for a relaxing yet adventurous experience, opt for a hydrofoil. Until now, there are three companies that are offering hydrofoil service between Saigon & Vung Tau: Greenlines DP.., Vina Express, and Pacific Express.

The ticket price varies from USD $8.58 to lớn USD $15.4 depending on each operator.

There are around 4 trips a day. Each trip will last for an hour and 15 minutes if you go directly from Ho Chi Minc lớn Vung Tau. Another 45 minutes are added in for the trips stopping over Can Gio.

Greenlines DP is surfing on Saigon River lớn Vung Tau Phokhổng lồ by Greenlines DP

If you start in central Ho Chi Minc City, arrive sầu at Bach Dang Port in District 1 to lớn embark on the boat. For travelers khổng lồ Vung Tau going baông chồng to Saigon, you will need khổng lồ arrive at Vung Tau Port.

Each hydrofoil is equipped with Wifi connection, TV screen, life vests, và air-nhỏ.

You can tìm kiếm for the operator you lượt thích with & book the ticket online.

By A Rental Vehicle

Rental Bike

If you are an adventurous soul or if you already have sầu an available motorxe đạp with you in Saigon, then why not travel khổng lồ Vung Tau by bike? The distance is pretty close và easy to access. The road trip by scooter will take you roughly 3 - 3.5 hours.

Your motorxe đạp trip between the 2 cities last only 2 và a half hour

Where lớn rent a motorxe đạp in Saigon?

For those who are still trying to lớn find a good place to lớn rent a scooter for a day or two khổng lồ travel either within or outside of Saigon, you can check out TIGIT.

At Tigit, you can find the best chất lượng motorbikes Photo by Tigit Motorbikes

The rental price is around USD $10 to USD $15, và there are chances that you have to pay a certain deposit for a couple of hundred bucks. This deposit is not charged và it will be refunded once you return the vehicle with its initial state.

After making the contract, you will get your favorite motorbike ready along with a helmet, raông chồng, và bungees.

TIGIT provides clear contracts, so don"t worry about scams or being overcharged. All you need to lớn vày is choosing a Model you like, phối the route, và book your favorite vehicle!

Rental Car

In Saigon, you can easily rent a oto of all sizes for your own group of family or friends. They usually come in 4, 7, 9 và 16 seats depending on your needs and preferences .

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If you want lớn rent a car along with a driver, the price will also vary. Most of the time, the oto providers will phối the price upon hours and days, so rethành viên lớn clarify your itinerary khổng lồ get the best price you want.