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Halong is spectacular and exploring it within a day is obviously impossible. However, if that is your only choice left, this blog will help you make it doable by suggesting the best Halong cất cánh day tours you can get.

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Reasons You Should Take a Halong Bay Day Trip

One of the major reasons many had to give sầu up on visiting Halong is due khổng lồ a time-limit. But it’s now less of a problem! 160km far from Hanoi, Halong did not sound appealing for a day tour in the past as it normally took 4 – 5 hours to get there from the capital. However, with the arrival of the high way as well as Limousine service, it now takes only 2 comfortable hours from Hanoi lớn Halong, leaving us lots of time for exploring. It has saved a lot of people from headaches as not many have sầu enough time and energies for a trip mostly spent in a bus.

Thanks lớn new highway, now your journey lớn Halong is reduced to only 2 hours. More time to enjoy on water!
Got Ferry (Lan Ha Bay) is waiting for you after your short limousine journey from Hanoi

Halong Bay one-day tour helps you save not only time but also money. As one of the most touristy places all over Vietphái mạnh, accommodation in Halong can’t be cheap. A tour longer than just one day will require a hotel/hostel or even fancier, a night on boat, while with a 1 day tour, you can go back khổng lồ your place within the night or move to lớn a less expensive sầu area. If budget is one of your concerns, Halong Bay day trip is obviously your perfect solution.

Also, if you are lucky enough to get a great trip, you will be able lớn experience lots of activities, both on lvà and islands. A well-designed one day trip will give sầu you a brief but impressive look at the UNESCO World Heritage site. Sometimes the number of days spent does not matter, what matter is the things that you are able khổng lồ experience.

One day on cruise & other days on land or island. Who says it’s not enjoyable?

Tips to Choose a Day Cruise

To make your trip worth it, the most important thing is choose the right tour! You can have sầu all your plans well-prepared, but it takes only one wrong decision to lớn ruin your whole trip, & most of the times, that decision lies on which cruise you take.

The first thing you need lớn consider is mix your expectation suitably. You might have sầu fallen in love sầu with all the gorgeous sails featured on Halong travel blogs, but if you are going for a one day trip, you won’t be able khổng lồ step on those sails. Typically, a Halong Bay day trip takes place on a double-decker junk capable of transporting 46 passengers. Another thing you should expect is that most of day trips won’t let you swim, kayak or explore caves on bamboo boat one at a time (you must choose one among them) due to lớn time constraints, again. Here are some tips for you lớn make sure you’re able to lớn get the best tour out there!

Book ahead: Don’t just look for good luchồng at the Bai Cxuất xắc pier. First, junks no longer leave sầu from there (as of January 2016). Second, you might be scammed if you just walk down without a plan. Search on the Internet for the tour providers that have sầu the best reviews. Liên hệ them beforeh& lớn ask for all the necessary information (the cost, the length & what’s included).

Piông chồng up outside the pier area: You will pay $30/person if you require being picked up at the pier parking lot as that’s the price ports charge guides. To avoid it, simply tell the booking agent that you’re willing lớn meet outside.

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Time length: Normally there are 4-hour, 6-hour và 8-hour tours, you should consider them carefully as each of them will offer different activities. In our opinion, the 6-hour one is highly recommended.

Best One Day Cruises in Halong Bay

Paradise Luxury

You will surely be surprised with these 6 hours onboard! This tour will start from Hanoi at 7:30 & include savor lunch aboard, cave sầu visit (Sung Sot Cave sầu, the largest cave sầu in Halong Bay, & Luon Cave), kayaking, island visit (Soi Slặng Island) & foot reflexology treatment/cooking demonstration. Return lớn Hanoi at 17:30.

Relax on sundechồng lớn watch passing-by islets on Paradise Day Cruise

Escape Sails

Starting from Hanoi at 7am, this 8-hour cruise will offer you a multi-choice lunch, kayaking at Tra Bau area, cave visit (Dark & Bright caves), relaxing time, cooking class & fruit-carving demonstration before leaving for Hanoi at 17:30.

Don’t forget khổng lồ piông chồng a day cruise in sunny weather và wait for a glamorous sunmix in Halong Bay!

Incredible Asia Cruise

With just only $55 for a Halong Bay one day tour, Incredible Asia Cruise tour is ahy vọng the best! Starting from 8am, you will arrive sầu in Halong after 3.5 hours và soon embark on a dreamy 4 hour long cruise to stunning scenery with thousands of limestone mountains and have seafood lunch before stopping at Ba Hang fishing village for kayaking. The tour also includes cave sầu visit (Fighting-Coông chồng islet and the Heavenly Palace (Thien Cung) cave. Head bachồng to lớn Hanoi at 17:00.

Explore caves on a bamboo boat is also included in one day cruise’s itinerary to Halong Bay

Jade Sails

One-of-a-kind chance to lớn experience the new definition of contemporary luxury as Jade Sails is the top notch luxury cruise exploring the Ha Long cất cánh và Lan Ha cất cánh for the one day trip. Picking up at 7am, this 7 hour long tour will take you khổng lồ explore deeply through remote Ha Long Bay – Lan Ha Bay, discovering many hidden splendors of untouched natural wonders. The trip starts with savory lunch before visiting magical sea cave and hidden lagoons by local bamboo boat or kayaking. After having a quiông chồng look at a small floating fishing village, the cruise will head to lớn Lan Ha Bay for swimming in the crystal clear water. You will be involved in a cooking demonstration và a sunmix tiệc ngọt before going bachồng khổng lồ Hanoi at 17:20.

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A day trip to lớn Halong Bay will never let you down, absolutely!

Deluxe pháo Cruise

Starting from about 7:30, this 6 hour long tour will get you on board at 12:00. Lunch will be provided soon after while cruising though the amazing rocks: Insence Bunner, Stone Dog, Coông xã fighting… First stop is at the longest, biggest and the most beautiful grotto lớn of Ha Long bay – Sung Sot grotto lớn. You then can kayak or relax at Luon Cave sầu before swimming, trekking Titop island. The trip ends with a sunset tiệc ngọt và you will be dropped off at 21:40 in Hanoi.