Bamboo Airways Web Check In And (Qh) Boarding Pass


About Bamboo Airways

Founded in 2017, Bamboo Airways is a Vietnamese airline that was created by a construction company, FLC Group. Bamboo Airways' first service took place on 29th December 2018. The airline flies from its hub airport at Quy Nhon's Phu Cat Airport (UIH) khổng lồ a number of domestic destinations within Vietnam. Bamboo Airlines route network currently focused on destinations that the FLC group has invested in has long-term plans to lớn operate over 30 routes connecting all major cities và popular tourist destinations in Vietnam. Bamboo Airlines received its air operator certificate on 9 July 2018 and additionally received its certification from Vietnam's Civil Aviation Authority.

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The airlines started operating flights in January 2019, with a leased Airbus A3trăng tròn linking Ho Chi Minh City with Hanoi. It currently flies to lớn trăng tròn domestic destinations within Vietphái mạnh và 12 international destinations to lớn the US, Japan, Macau, South Korea, & Taiwan. Overall, the Bamboo Airways fleet consists of 29 aircraft ranging from Boeing, Airbus and Embraer.

In November 2021, Bamboo Airways hopes to lớn further expvà its international route network khổng lồ operate direct flights to lớn the US and Europe.

Looking for flights within Vietnam? Bamboo Airways operates private charter và scheduled passenger flights to lớn the destinations in Vietphái nam.


Domestic Destinations

As of November 2021, Bamboo Airways flies to lớn a number of domestic destinations within Vietphái mạnh, including Đồng Hới, Ha Long, Hanoi, Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh City, and Nha Trang.

If you're looking khổng lồ fly within Vietphái nam, our guide to lớn domestic flights within Vietphái mạnh offers lots of helpful information, including an airline guide và FAQs.

Buon Ma ThuotBuon Ma Thuot AirportBMV
Can ThoCan Tho International AirportVCA
Chu LaiChu Lai AirportVCL
Con DaoCon Dao AirportVCS
Da LatLien Khuong AirportDLI
Da NangDa Nang International AirportDAD
Đồng HớiDong Hoi AirportVDH
Ha LongVan Don International AirportVDO
HanoiNoi Bai International AirportHAN
Hai PhongCat Bi International AirportHPH
Ho Chi Minch CityTan Son Nhat International AirportSGN
Phu BaiPhu Bai International AirportHUI
Nha TrangCam Ranh International AirportCXR
Phu QuocPhu Quoc International AirportPQC
PleikuPleiku AirportPXU
Quy NhơnPhu Cat AirportUIH
Rach GiaRach Gia Airportvkg
Thanh khô HóaTho Xuan AirportTHD
Tuy HoaTuy Hoa AirportTBB
VinhVinc International AirportVII

International Destinations

Bamboo Airlines currently operates international flights to destinations within nhật bản, South Korea, Macau and Taiwan.

JapanOsakaKansai International Airport
JapanTokyoNarita International Airport
JapanIbarakiIbaraki Airport
JapanFukushimaFukushima Airport
South KoreaJejuJeju International Airport
South KoreaSeoulIncheon International Airport
TaiwanKaohsiungKaohsiung International Airport
TaiwanTaipeiTaoyuan International Airport
TaiwanTainanTainan Airport
MacauMacauMacau International Airport

The airline can also operate private charter flights khổng lồ the following destinations: Macau (Macau International Airport); Fukushima (Fukushima Airport) & Omitama (Ibaraki Airport) in Japan; và Taiwan (Tainan Airport).

Baggage Allowance

Baggage allowance for different fare type varies, details are as follow:

Carry-On Baggage

Bamboo Economy: No matter your Economy ticket fare, the complimentary cabin baggage allowance is 7kilogam + one personal sản phẩm.

Bamboo Premium: No matter your Economy ticket fare, the complimentary cabin baggage allowance is 7kg + one personal cống phẩm.

Bamboo Premium: For all Business passengers, the complimentary cabin baggage allowance is 2 x 7kilogam + one personal nhà cửa.

All carry-on baggage must fit in the overhead locker or under the seat with a maximum dimension of 56cm x 36centimet x 23cm (22" x 14" x 9"). Examples of personal items are a máy tính xách tay, a handbag, a camera và a purse. Personal thành phầm must not exceed 40centimet x 30cm x 10centimet (15" x 11" x 4"). No prohibited items are allowed onboard including any fluid exceeding 100ml.

Checked Baggage

Please note that the following information only applies to lớn domestic flights. On international flights, your checked baggage allowance may be greater, but this will depover on the route being operated và will be confirmed during the booking process.

Economy Saver Max: None

Economy Saver: 15 kg

Economy Smart: 20 kg

Economy Flex: 20 kg

Bamboo Premium: 30 kg

Bamboo Airways Business class: 40 kg

Passengers are also entitled to lớn kiểm tra one golf set that doesn't weigh over 23kg. Any passenger wishing khổng lồ buy excess baggage can vì so during the Alternative Airlines' booking process. Any checked baggage exceeding 32kg or larger than 203centimet in the sum of three dimensions will not be accepted.

Check-In Information

Bamboo Airways Cheông xã In Online

Bamboo Airways online check-in opens 24 hours before và one hour before the established departure time and can be done via the airline website. Passengers must prepare the ticket details và travel document details in order to proceed with check-in. Once the boarding pass is obtained, passengers travelling without checked baggage can report directly lớn security at the airport.

Passengers who need assistance at the airport, travelling with infants or have a Bamboo Airways booking with more than nine passengers must check-in at the airport.

Bamboo Airways Airport Cheông chồng In

At Alternative sầu Airlines, we recommkết thúc passengers lớn arrive sầu two hours before the scheduled departure time. Proceed khổng lồ the designated check-in area when arriving at the airport. The location of the check-in area should be clearly marked at the airport & shown on the departure information board.

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Economy Class


In the Economy Class passengers are offered a light meal, snacks and hot và cold beverages. In-flight magazines are also offered, "Bamboo Inspiration" & "FLC Spotlight" are unique magazines designed khổng lồ keep passengers entertained.


Economy Class offers comfortable seats reclining at your desired comfort along with adjustable armrests.

Premium Class


Premium passengers are offered a light meal, snacks & hot và cold beverages. In-flight magazines are also offered, "Bamboo Inspiration" và "FLC Spotlight" are quality magazines designed khổng lồ keep passengers entertained. The onboard experience will be similar to lớn Economy, with the addition of extra baggage allowance and priority boarding.


Premium Class offers comfortable seats reclining at your desired comfort along with adjustable armrests. Premium Flex passengers can pre-book their seats for miễn phí.

Bamboo Airways Business Class


Business Class passengers can enjoy an executive meal as well as hot & cold beverages to their likings. In-flight entertainment is also offered. Prior lớn boarding Business Class passengers are offered a lounge service as well as priority check-in before your flight.


With Bamboo Airways Business Class you can enjoy comfort at another màn chơi, more legroom, reclining seat. You are also given a blanket & a small pillow.

On-board Entertainment

Bamboo Sky is an on-board entertainment system, enabling passengers lớn use their personal devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones) to connect directly to Bamboo Airways’s entertainment library. Passengers can enjoy more than 100 exciting movies, TV series, or Clip games và listen to their favourite music during the flight.

Please be aware that his service is subject lớn international routes only, & not currently available on domestic routes.

Loyalty Program

Bamboo Club

Bamboo Club is the airline's loyalty program. Bamboo Club has four rewarding membership tiers: Emerald, Gold, Diamond and First. Each tier has been designed lớn enable loyal passengers lớn unlock exclusive benefits on services offered by Bamboo Airline. It is miễn phí khổng lồ register. Ensure you select 'Bamboo Club' as your chosen loyalty program during the Bamboo Airways booking process khổng lồ ensure you collect your points.


Onboard WiFi is not currently available, although, on international routes, passengers can use their digital devices khổng lồ connect lớn Bamboo Airways’s entertainment library.

Bamboo Airways Fleet

As of November 2021, the airline has an extensive fleet, including Airbus A319ceo, Airbus A320ceo/neo, Airbus A321ceo/neo, Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, và Embraer E195.

Bamboo Airways Hub Airport

Phù Cát Airport

Phù Cát Airport is an airport in Qui Nhon & is the hub airport for Bamboo Airline. The airport is used for domestic services by airlines such as Jetstar Pacific, VietJetAir và Vietnam Airlines and for domestic & international services for Bamboo Airways. Phu Cat Airport is also used by the Vietphái mạnh Air Force.

The airport was built in 1967 lớn be used during the Vietphái nam war. In 2003, a small passenger terminal with two airport gates & six check-in counters was built & commercial flights were launched the following year. In 2017, the terminal at Phù Cát Airport went under renovation and the new terminal was finished in 2018, doubling is passenger capathành phố from 1.5 million khổng lồ 2.4 million passengers per year.

Alternative sầu Airlines khổng lồ Bamboo Airways


Bamboo Airways News

22nd February 2019

Bamboo Airways will fly to America

Just one month after its launch, Bamboo Airways has announced its plans to lớn start operating flights lớn the US. The Vietnamese hybrid carrier launched services in Vietphái nam in January 2019 & has already put in an order for over 40 new Boeing & Airbus aircraft that it plans to lớn use for international services within the next two years.

Bamboo Airline has not given an official date or time-frame on when services lớn the US will begin. However, it did reveal that it plans to lớn be flying to both North America & Europe by 2021. The airline stated that when it does fly to lớn the US, it would like to lớn focus on San Francisco as a primary airport, while also declaring an interest in services to Las Vegas và Denver.

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For Bamboo Airlines, this is the first step in its long-term goal lớn fly to over 100 destinations in the world.