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The biggest cave on the planet when measured by cross-section. Discovered & explored for the first time in 2009. Only mở cửa to the public since 2013. Quality for the two enormous dolines (cave roof collapses) & underground rainforests. Home to the “Great Wall of Vietnam,” a 90m high calcite barrier. Various unusual cave formations, including huge cave pearls, towering stalagmites và phytokarst. Nestled in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, trang chủ to some of the world’s largest caves. Oxalis Adventure works with The British Vietnam Caving Expedition Team and the Vietnamese government lớn carry out the expeditions. For conservation and safety reasons, you can only visit Son Doong on four-day expeditions with Oxalis Adventure.
On December 10, 1990, during a routine trip into the jungle, Mr. Ho Khanh accidentally discovered the cave entrance which now became known as Hang Son Doong. On April 7, 2009, Mr. Peter MacNab, a thành viên of The British Vietnam Caving Expedition Team was the first to lớn enter Son Doong Cave. On 14 April 2009, Son Doong was announced by The British Vietnam Caving Expedition Team as the world"s biggest cave. On March 17, 2010, The British Vietnam Caving Expedition Team completed climbing the calcite wall called the "Great Wall of Vietnam" khổng lồ exit the cave & completed the survey và measurement of the entire Hang Son Doong Cave with a length of over 9km and a volume of 38.5 million m3. On April 30, 2013, the Guinness Book of World Records published the 2013 book of world records, which recognized Hang Son Doong as the largest cave in the world.

Local man Ho Khanh discovered Son Doong in 1990 while searching Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park for food & timber khổng lồ earn a modest income. During his tìm kiếm he stumbled across an opening in a limestone cliff, noticed clouds billowing out from the entrance and heard the sounds of a river raging from somewhere inside. He returned trang chủ and forgot about the cave.

Ho Khanh met Howard & Deb Limbert of The British Vietnam Caving Expedition Team, who were conducting exploratory caving expeditions in the area. After hearing his stories, they urged Ho Khanh to lớn rediscover the cave, which he eventually did in 2008, after several attempts. In 2009, he led Howard, Deb và a team of other caving professionals khổng lồ the opening. After the first survey in 2009, the team were able to lớn conclude that the cave had the largest cross-section of any cave anywhere on the planet.

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The cave was named “Son Doong” và Ho Khanh is still an integral part of every Son Doong Expedition

Son Doong is relatively young – about 3 million years old in a limestone area dating back 400 million years. The mighty Rao Thuong River carved out Son Doong as it eroded away the limestone, forming an enormous tunnel beneath the Truong Son Mountains. The large dolines (or skylights) collapsed sometime in the last 500,000 years, creating massive openings to lớn the outside world. Cave pearls the kích cỡ of baseballs & stalagmites the kích thước of tall buildings have formed from water dripping from the cave ceiling.

The first expedition was halted by a 90m high calcite barrier, which was jokingly dubbed the “Great Wall Of Vietnam.” It wasn’t until the second expedition in 2010, when the Great Wall was finally climbed và the kết thúc of the cave was found. The main huge passage is over 5km long with sections reaching up lớn 200m tall & 150m wide. Son Doong is large enough khổng lồ house an entire 40-story thủ đô new york City block skyscraper.

Cave experts are researching the connection between Son Doong Cave and neighbouring Thung Cave. If the connection is made , Son Doong will be the largest cave in the world by volume, as well as cross-section. Find more information about the diving expedition in Son Doong Cave.

Hang Son Doong was surveyed by the British Vietnam Caving Expedition Team led by Mr. Howard Limbert in 2009. The Expedition team then announced as the world"s largest natural cave with a volume of 38.5 million m3. The measurements were accepted by a number of senior karst geologists included Dr. Tony Waltham. The measurements were then accepted by a number of world"s senior karst geologists included Dr. Tony Waltham. Hang Son Doong was later published by National Geographic Magazine and National Geographic TV.

On April 30, 2013, the Guinness Book of World Records announced the 2013 book of world records, in which workers Hang Son Doong is the largest cave in the world. Liên kết on Guinness website

You can only visit Son Doong on four-day expeditions with Oxalis Adventure.

Son Doong Expedition 4 Days

Whether you prefer long treks, camping in a cave, sleeping under the stars in the jungle, swimming underground in river caves, explore the huge dry caves or just taking an exploratory day trip, Oxalis Adventure Tours can provide the right amount of adventure just for you.

1 Day · cấp độ 3 · Moderate

Hang Tien Discovery

With only one day, you can still enjoy a challenging trek, a natural swimming pool và see a spectacular cave.Hang Tien, also known as Fairy Cave has an enormous entrance, large calcite formations & unusual rock features.

VND 2,000,000/pax

1 Day · cấp độ 2 · Easy

Tu Lan Experience

An action-packed day trek khổng lồ explore the marvelous jungle and caves of the Tu Lan System - home of the Hollywood blockbuster Kong: Skull Island (2017) by Jordan Vogt-Roberts.

VND 1,800,000/pax

1 Day · level 1 · Introductory

Tu Lan Family Experience

An ideal family trip to lớn explore nature và the magnificent caves of the Tu Lan cave system including trekking, swimming in natural steam, picnic lunch at the river, discovering Rat Cave, exciting mini-game.

VND 2,300,000/pax

2 Day · level 3 · Moderate

Hang Tien Endeavor

This is a challenging trek khổng lồ visit Hang Tien 1 & 2 - two biggest caves of Tu Lan cave system. Hang Tien means Fairy Cave in Vietnamese as it looks otherworldly with an enormous entrance, calcite formations & rock features.

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VND 6,500,000/pax
2 Day · level 2 · Easy

Tu Lan Cave Encounter

This tour offers a glimpse into the amazing beauty of the Tu Lan area: caves, karst mountains, jungle, and waterfalls. It is an opportunity to lớn go deep into the rugged and untouched nature of Vietnam.

VND 5,500,000/pax
2 Day · level 2 · Easy

Tu Lan Family Adventure

An ideal journey for all members of the family khổng lồ explore Tu Lan"s wilderness. Many enjoyable mini-games & activities for kids to join in such as trekking, swimming, painting, caving, and overnight camping.

VND 6,500,000/pax
2 Day · cấp độ 3 · Moderate

Hang En Cave Adventure

An unforgettable adventure into one of the largest caves on Earth – Hang En, where you get a bucket danh sách camping experience inside the cave và admire nature’s beauty like never before.

VND 7,600,000/pax
4 Day · màn chơi 4 · Challenging

Hang Va Expedition

A true underground adventure to lớn visit two spectacular river caves of the National Park. Nuoc Nut Cave is a large cave with both dry and river passages with clear xanh pools.

VND 9,900,000/pax
6 Day · màn chơi 6 · Hard

Son Doong Cave Expedition

This four day expedition will explore Son Doong Cave the world’s largest cave passage. Trek through vast underground spaces và marvel at the continually changing display of stalactites & stalagmites.

6 Day · cấp độ 6 · Hard

Hang bố Deep Jungle Expedition

Those who join the Hang ba Deep Jungle Expedition will receive a totally new experience from Oxalis Adventure. Renowned for sustainable tourism, Oxalis will now step up to actively promote conservation of biodiversity.

VND 50,000,000/pax
4 Day · level 4 · Challenging

Hang Tien Exploration

The perfect journey khổng lồ explore both most fascinating wet & dry caves, especially Hang Tien 1 & 2. They are the biggest dry caves of the system with enormous entrances, large calcite formations & unusual rock features.

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VND 9,900,000/pax
4 Day · màn chơi 3 · Moderate

Wild Tu Lan Cave Explorer

This exciting journey has some challenging sections, but with the help of the team you will explore six amazing caves. River caves where you can swim or raft và dry caves covered in outstanding calcite formations.

VND 9,500,000/pax
6 Day · màn chơi 5 · Demanding

Tu Lan Expedition

This màn chơi 5 expedition is one of our most challenging treks. Throughout the four days you will explore numerous caves, both river caves & dry caves; abseil inside Tu Lan Cave down to the underground river

VND 18,000,000/pax

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