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Home lớn the world’s largest caves, central Vietnam’s Phong Nha is redefining adventure travel in Asia.

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Oxalis Adventure is the leading adventure tour operator in Vietnam.

We pioneered life-changing caving và jungle experiences in UNESCO-recognized Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park và we are the gateway khổng lồ Hang Son Doong, the largest cave on the planet. But Son Doong is only the beginning – 70% of the jungle remains unexplored.


We’ve discovered và we visit more caves than anyone else.

Some are big enough to lớn fit skyscrapers, lending themselves lớn underground campsites unlike anywhere else in the world. Others house swimmable rivers that burrow beneath the ground. Every adventure is possible, from one-day adventures to lớn four-day expeditions.


Community involvement and safety are paramount.

Oxalis Adventure is 100% locally owned and we provide employment for hundreds of tour guides & porters in one of Vietnam’s poorest provinces. But we work closely with caving experts from The British Vietnam Caving Expedition Team khổng lồ ensure that we meet international standards of safety và safeguard the integrity of the caves.

Can I visit Vietnam now?

Yes, you can. The Government of Vietnam has just decided lớn re-open the country and normalize visa procedures as the sames as before 2020. Effective from March 15th, 2022. International travellers can enter Vietnam very easy. No thử nghiệm on arrival is required, no quarantine is needed, vaccination is not a must.

Big promotion for Xiều (returned customer)

Want to lớn camp in the largest cave chambers on the planet? Or plunge into underground rivers? How about harnessing up và taking on subterranean rope-assisted climbs? All this is possible, and more! Take a look below và choose your adventure based on the number of days you have khổng lồ explore.

2 DAY · màn chơi 2 · EASY

Tu Lan Encounter

A very enjoyable 2-Day tour where you get khổng lồ take a plunge into some of Vietnam’s đứng top river caves, based inside the mesmerizing Tu Lan Cave System.

Promotion VND 4,950,000 Normal price VND 5,500,000/pax

3 DAY · level 3 · MODERATE

Wild Tu Lan Explorer

A great trekking và caving adventure including the wildest caves of the region lượt thích Rat Cave, Ken Cave, Kim Cave, Hung Ton Cave, tuy vậy Oxalis Cave & Tu Lan Cave!

Promotion VND 7,200,000 Normal price VND 8,000,000/pax

1 DAY · màn chơi 2 · EASY

Tu Lan Experience

This is one of the most popular one day tours in the region, as your day is filled with adventure & the quality experience of swimming underground.

Promotion VND 1,620,000 Normal price VND 1,800,000/pax

2 DAY · màn chơi 3 · MODERATE

Hang Tien Endeavour

A moderate tour where you will trek, enjoy a natural pool & camp overnight, while exploring the largest dry cave of the Tu Lan Cave System – Hang Tien.

Promotion VND 5,850,000 Normal price VND 6,500,000/pax

2 Day · cấp độ 2 · Easy

Tu Lan Family Adventure

An ideal journey for all members of the family to lớn explore Tu Lan"s wilderness. Many enjoyable mini-games and activities for kids lớn join in such as trekking, swimming, painting, caving, và overnight camping.

VND 5,500,000/person Promotion VND 4,950,000 Normal price VND 5,500,000/pax
1 Day · level 1 · Introductory

Tu Lan Family Experience

An ideal family trip khổng lồ explore nature và the magnificent caves of the Tu Lan cave system including trekking, swimming in natural steam, picnic lunch at the river, discovering Rat Cave, exciting mini-game.

VND 1,800,000/person Promotion VND 1,620,000 Normal price VND 1,800,000/pax
6 DAY · màn chơi 6 · HARD

Son Doong Expedition

Son Doong Cave is the largest cave on Earth, with its own eco-system và is embellished with gigantic formations. The Son Doong Expedition is truly the adventure of a lifetime.

VND 69,800,000/pax
6 DAY · cấp độ 6 · HARD

Hang bố Deep Jungle Expedition

Those who join the Hang tía Deep Jungle Expedition will receive a totally new experience from Oxalis Adventure. Renowned for sustainable tourism, Oxalis will now step up to actively promote conservation of biodiversity.

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VND 50,000,000/pax
6 DAY · màn chơi 5 · DEMANDING

Tu Lan Expedition

Go into the depths of the majestic Tu Lan Cave System & with plenty of trekking, underground swimming và other thrilling activities, you will explore 10 incredible caves.

Promotion VNĐ 15,000,000/pax More benefits included
3 DAY · cấp độ 4 · CHALLENGING

Hang Tien Exploration

Enjoy extensive jungle trekking, camping under the stars and exploring gorgeous caves, especially the Hang Tien Cave, the biggest dry cave of the Tu Lan Cave System.

Promotion VND 7,650,000 Normal price VND 8,500,000/pax
3 DAY · level 4 · CHALLENGING

Hang Va Expedition

On this expedition, you will get to lớn explore & enjoy adrenaline-pumping caving activities inside the incredibly beautiful Hang Va cave, known khổng lồ have some of the rarest formations ever seen.

Promotion VNĐ 8,000,000/pax More benefits included
2 DAY · màn chơi 3 · MODERATE

Hang En Adventure

Hang En is one of the largest natural caves in the world. Camp in the enormous cave entrance và explore the length of the cave including the cinematic exit that has featured in Hollywood films.

Promotion VND 6,840,000 Normal price VND 7,600,000/pax
1 DAY · màn chơi 3 · MODERATE

Hang Tien Discovery

Spend a day filled with adventurous trekking through the wilderness of the Tu Lan Cave System và explore the huge Hang Tien cave, also known as the Fairy Cave.

Promotion VND 1,800,000 Normal price VND 2,000,000/pax
4 DAY · level 2 · EASY

Quang Binh Experience

This package is designed for those who want khổng lồ balance between discovery và relaxation, suitable for families traveling with their children.

6,300,000 đ/pax
3 DAY · màn chơi 2 · EASY

Quang Binh Exploration

The 3-day-2-night package is designed exclusively for those who are looking for a vacation combined with exploring the uniqueness of cave systems in quang quẻ Binh.

5,600,000 đ/pax
Trekking và exploring nature in Tu Lan
Starry night at Hang Tien campsite
Swim underground at the Tu Lan Cave System
Camp inside the world"s third largest cave - Hang En
Explore the largest cave on Earth - Hang Son Doong
Inside one of the world"s rarest underground caves

Oxalis Adventure is the only adventure tour company to lớn visit Son Doong, the largest cave on the planet. But there’s so much more to lớn explore. We also hold exclusive rights lớn Hang En, the world’s third largest cave, và the enormous twin Hang Tien caves. Nuoc Nut & the Tu Lan cave system are underground adventure playgrounds with swimming và climbing. For phenomenal formations, venture lớn the more recently discovered Hang Va.

Son Doong Cave

Son Doong Cave is the largest cave in the world, with its own jungle, river & gigantic formations, it is truly a natural wonder unlike any other in the world!

Hang En Cave

Hang En Cave is the world’s 3rd largest cave located in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. Hang En is the best cave camping in the world

Tu Lan Cave System

Tu Lan Caves System is comprised of over 10 caves, in tung Hoa village. The area has been used as film location for Kong: Skull Island movie.

Hang Tien Cave

Hang Tien is the largest dry cave of the Tu Lan Cave System, located about 70 km away from Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park.

Hang Va Cave

Hang Va Cave was found in 2012. This cave is located below Son Doong cave, and has rare formations called tower cone.

Nuoc Nut Cave

Nuoc Nut Cave has become one of the world’s most attractive natural wonders. This cave is suitable for family to vì chưng a bit of adventure

Nothing builds a team lượt thích exploring, swimming, climbing, cooking and sleeping in the wilderness. We are central Vietnam’s most established outdoor team building operator, with rewarding activities lượt thích scavenger hunts and obstacle course races. All our team building activities are tailor made for the form size of the group & the objectives of the activity.

Safety is paramount. We employ cave safety experts from The British Vietnam Caving Expedition Team & use equipment from France, Switzerland và the UK lớn ensure that we meet international standards of safety. All our tour guides, safety assistants and porters go through a comprehensive training program.


As a đứng top place lớn stay in Phong Nha, Chay Lap Farmstay embraces you with tranquillity surroundings of peaceful farming fields, private rooms, fully equipped accommodation, và authentic local experiences.

Oxalis Adventure employs over 500 local people from Phong Nha and Tan Hoa, many of whom had turned to illegal logging and hunting to lớn make ends meet. We also collaborate with & employ cave experts from The British Vietnam Caving Expedition Team, ensuring safety và professionalism across our adventure tours.

Technical & Safety Director

Howard Limbert

Mr. Limbert is looking after technical safety and conservations at Oxalis. He is the team leader of The British Vietnam Caving Expedition. He and his team have explored more than 300 caves in Phong Nha in the past 30 years & one of them is Hang Son Doong, the World"s largest cave.

Experienced Guide

Hồ Trung Hiếu

Like his father, Hieu joined Oxalis & through years of perseverance as a Son Doong safety assistant, he became a great tour guide who continues to lớn inspire the local youth.

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Trà Trần

Since 3 years, Tra has been one of our customers" favorites due to her charming & friendly nature, along with her unconditional love for Phong Nha and its beauty.

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