Bui vien street


Bui Vien Street is well-known in Ho Chi Minh City due khổng lồ its status as a hub for backpackers & party-going tourists. Perhaps no other street in Vietnam is met with such polarization as this one.

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Some see Bui Vien Street as an exhilarating concoction of hedonistic stimuli whilst others look down upon it with disgust & disdain. No matter which side of the fence you find yourself on, there’s no denying that Bui Vien Street is successful in its mission to lớn fascinate the lucrative sầu tourist sector. It’s the main hub of Ho Chi Minh’s backpacker district, which also includes Pyêu thích Ngu Lao Street and De Tham Street.

The Walking Street

Nightlife at Bui Vien.

Bui Ven street offers bars, restaurants, & hostels aplenty. A daytime visit will show Bui Vien in its dormancy, filled with only the chitter-chatter from the restaurants & a symphony of motor vehicles whizzing by.

This, however, is only temporary. As dusk begins to lớn descover on Bui Vien, a sinking feeling of anticipation begins khổng lồ infiltrate the bodies of locals và tourists. The raucous atmosphere và hedonistic aura are comparable khổng lồ the Las Vegas Strip.

Looking down on Bui Vien Street during the day.

Street performers start entertaining passers-by as drinkers in plastic chairs watch from the bar terraces. Scantily-dressed females begin commandeering the street’s nooks & crannies hoping khổng lồ lure tourists inkhổng lồ suspect mát xa parlors.

Drunk backpackers fall khổng lồ the ground under fluorescent light thinking they’ve sầu just stumbled upon the gates of heaven.

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Zero PUB in Bui Vien street, Sài Gòn City. Photo: Hiếu Bùi

History of Bui Vien Street

Thirty-five sầu years ago, Bui Vien was a forgettable strip in the middle of District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City. It wasn’t until Vietnam’s tourism sector opened in 1986 that Bui Vien began to evolve into its current incarnation. The streets growing notoriety began to lớn attract more and more visitors until, finally, it became what it is today.

Bui Vien Street during the day in Saigon. Photo: Marteo Verch Professional Photographer

Backpackers began to take full advantage of the cheap hostels and bars & the proprietors of such establishments had no problem allowing them to vày so.


Traffic is banned during weekend evenings khổng lồ allow the Bui Vien juggernaut to lớn come to lớn life at dusk. While alcohol is the most widely-consumed and available substance, there is a vice for all niches on Bui Ven, evidenced by the floông chồng of characters that come crawling to lớn its corners at night.

“I Love sầu You 3000” sign on Bui Vien Street.

If you’re not a particularly big drinker, it’s perhaps best if you park yourself in a plastic chair outside one of the restaurants & watch the crazy underworld of Bui Vien scream by. It’s probably the most thrilling spot for nightlife in the city.

Anything can happen on Bui Ven and a feeling of impending excitement takes hold of you whenever you enter. While gentrification has caused the street to lớn thất bại a little of its old thrill, the excitement và drama that unfolds there every night is truly unmatched and has lớn be seen lớn be believed.

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Bui Vien is so much more than a mere street – it’s an experience that spans the full spectrum of human emotions, urges, & desires. You’ll be enchanted inkhổng lồ its spellbinding haze & it serves as a soaring crescenbởi khổng lồ your trip to lớn Ho Chi Minc City.