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Although Hanoi and Halong bay are beautiful all year round, many travelers must wonder when these two destinations are most worth-visiting throughout the year. For a better understanding, this travel guide will help you khổng lồ choose the best time to visit Hanoi and Halong Bay.

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Hanoi và Halong bay are two famous tourist destinations in the North of Vietnam. Possessing charming beauty and interesting culture, both are among the must-visit destinations that you should not miss in your life.

Come here once lớn discover the ancient beauty in Hanoi as well as the pristine landscapes in Halong Bay. It goes without saying that Ha Long is a famous cất cánh recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage & one of the 7 new natural wonders of the world. Meanwhile, Hanoi is an appealing capital city known for its over-1000-year-old history, chất lượng culture, and fine cuisine.


Choose the best time khổng lồ go on a Hanoi - Halong trip

The Weather in Hanoi và Halong bay

Both located in the tropical climate region, Hanoi weather & Halong bay weather feature a typical kind of humid monsoon.

From November to lớn April, the dry season is affected by the northeast monsoon giving cool temperatures of 15 – 20°C on average. During these months, the rainfall is as low as a monthly average of 40 milimet in each destination, with the highest precipitation in April.

The sun shines moderately & not too harshly lớn cause sunburn. Despite the dryness, the breezy weather is so comfortable that you can join plenty of outdoor activities in Hanoi and Halong.


The dry season is preferable khổng lồ visit Hanoi và Ha Long Bay

From May to October, the weather in Hanoi và Ha Long experiences the wet season influenced by the southwest monsoon. It is extremely hot with high temperatures fluctuating around the mid-30s°C with a high UV index.

July and August are not only the hottest but also the wettest months which receive frequent heavy rains và occasional thunderstorms. If you travel lớn Hanoi & Ha Long during the wet season, check the weather forecast to lớn avoid predictable storms in a few days.


Visit Hanoi & Halong cất cánh in the wet season

In other respects, the weather can be divided into four distinctive seasons: Spring (Feb – Apr), Summer (May – Jul), Autumn (Aug – Oct), và Winter (Nov – Jan). The average temperatures và rainfall vary greatly throughout the year. Typically, the hottest months (32 – 35°C) range from June lớn August while the coldest months (9 - 14°C) fall between December and February.

Each season features its own characteristics which make a considerable impact on the perfect time khổng lồ travel. Before planning a trip, travelers should take time to kiểm tra the weather carefully to lớn get an insight into the best time of the year to lớn travel.

The Best Time khổng lồ Visit Hanoi & Halong Bay

Featuring the typical climate of northern Vietnam, Hanoi & Ha Long bay share the same time to go for a trip. The best time lớn travel Hanoi & Ha Long cất cánh is during late autumn (September – November) & springtime (March – April), when it comes to the dry season in the North.

It is the ideal time when Hanoi & Ha Long cất cánh weather is really cool and pleasant. The average temperatures vary between 18 và 28°C; the rainfall drops significantly, compared to lớn other times throughout the year.


October - The best month khổng lồ visit Hanoi và Halong Bay

Thanks to the beautiful weather, either Hanoi or Halong is a feast for the eyes in dry months. Especially, Octoberis believed khổng lồ be the best month khổng lồ visit Hanoi and Halong Bay as the mid-autumn reaches the peak of its beauty.

Best time to lớn join activities in Hanoi

Soak up the intimate atmosphere in Hanoi Old Quarter and find out some unique features (season of milk flowers, green rice, autumn leaves, a gorgeous sunset, and other more) only found in Hanoi"s autumn Go on a picnic on the outskirts of Hanoi, such as cha Vi National Park (Ba Vi), Bat Trang Pottery Village (Bat Trang), Duong Lam Ancient Village (Son Tay), etc. Visit the ancient historic sites of Ha Moi such as the Temple of Literature, Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son Temple, Long Bien Bridge, Ho đưa ra Minh Mausoleum, One Pillar Pagoda, Hoa Lo Prison, etc.


Places to visit in Hanoi for great weather

Best time lớn join activities in Halong Bay

Feast your eye on spectacular karst formations rising up from the emerald waters with a cruise Go trekking into the off-the-beaten-path in Cat cha National Park Pay a visit lớn Lan Ha Bay & Cat tía Island which still retains their unique pristine features Take a boat to the island, swim, và go snorkeling lớn admire the beautiful coral reefs


Places to visit in Halong cất cánh for great weather

The best time to visit Halong Bay

Thanks khổng lồ the clear division of weather, Ha Long is also an attractive tourist destination for tourists at any time of the year. With regard to lớn weather, Ha Long bay is best visited from March – April as well as September – November.

It"s the most delightful time of the year khổng lồ join various outdoor activities like kayaking, trekking, BBQ lunch, cruising, etc. During these months, the weather in Halong cất cánh is expected khổng lồ be calm without harsh sunshine và heavy thunderstorm. There are more breezy days and hazy sunshine over the bay.


March – April & September – November are the best time to lớn visit Halong Bay

If you don’t mind the heat, it is possible to lớn visit Halong in the summertime, from May lớn August. For domestic tourists, it is also the ideal time to travel to lớn Halong cất cánh on a summer vacation khổng lồ the beach.

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As far as mentioned above, the months from late June lớn August receive the highest temperatures and the largest rainfall throughout the year. The crystal xanh sky & moderate sunshine create favorable conditions khổng lồ enjoy the beach relaxation và engage in plenty of water-based activities.

However, you should check the weather forecast frequently as June - July is in the rainy season in northern Vietnam. According lớn nature, June - July is the month when a lot of storms hit the Gulf of Tonkin và Halong, so be careful when traveling khổng lồ Halong during this time.

All things considered, the best time lớn visit Halong cất cánh is as early as March - April or as late as September - November.

The best time to visit Hanoi

Overall, spring (February – April) is considered a perfect time to travel to lớn Hanoi, when the New Year has marked the new beginnings of natural landscapes. In summer (May – July), weather in Hanoi is quite hot with an average temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius.

However, the overheating will be soothed by the heavy showers in late summer and early autumn in Hanoi. Autumn (October – November) is also a great time khổng lồ admire the beauty of Hanoi. It’s time when Hanoi weather is cooler và starting to get cold.

By winter, the average daily temperature in Hanoi is lower, approximately 18 degrees C. If the Western cold really bothers you, try experiencing the chilly weather during Hanoi winter.

The period from October to lớn April is considered the best time khổng lồ visit Hanoi. In this season, the rainfall in Hanoi has declined, the sky is clearer và the temperature is pretty cool. All characteristics create the best conditions for you khổng lồ explore any street corners in Hanoi.


October - April is the best time lớn visit Hanoi

You can also schedule trips in the spring such as February, March, and April. At this time, the weather is warmer, without heavy rains; drizzle rains happen occasionally and do not affect your trip considerably.

If you are keen on the cold in Hanoi, you can travel between December and January. Around this time, you can go on a street food tour & sample appetizing specialties that perfectly fit Hanoi"s winter.

Best time to lớn get the BEST giảm giá Hanoi – Halong cất cánh tour

As mentioned before, autumn và spring are not only the best time to lớn visit Hanoi and Halong cất cánh for great weather but also the busiest time of the tourist season. If you can’t stand the hustle and bustle, this time is not for you. Not to mention, the bloom of visitors coming khổng lồ Hanoi and Halong has led to an increase in the price range along with a downgrade in the unique of services.

Following is a tip for those who opt for the best time lớn travel to lớn Hanoi & Ha Long bay on a budget. Annually, the low tourist season falls between May & September, when you better hunt for an abundance of hot deals and promotional codes for a Hanoi to lớn Halong cất cánh cruise.


Best time lớn get the best khuyến mãi Hanoi - Halong bay tour

Sometimes, you can save half of your budget since there is plenty of sales 40% - 50% off out there. You should follow up on the updates and kiểm tra price quotations of the Halong cất cánh cruise from Hanoi to find the best deal.

During these months, Hanoi & Ha Long welcome a moderate number of tourists despite the hot summer and the chance of a thunderstorm. Don’t take the climate conditions into trương mục because the weather is not too fierce khổng lồ screw up your whole trip. There are so many things on the bucket danh mục to vị in Hanoi & Halong in case of bad weather.

If you still have no idea, this article on “What Should You bởi If Halong Cruise Is Canceled?” may help you out.


When khổng lồ visit Hanoi và Halong together


Please take note that the weekends of June – July are the peak days when a large number of domestic tourists planning to lớn go on school holidays to Halong. It is advisable to lớn spend a couple of weekdays in Halong & back in Hanoi at the weekend. Vietnam’s capital is busy all the time and becomes more bustling on weekends.

To sum up, any time of the year can be a great time khổng lồ visit Hanoi và Halong Bay. When March – April and October – November is the best time to lớn enjoy the pleasant weather, May – September can be desirable khổng lồ get the best giảm giá khuyến mãi Hanoi to Halong cất cánh tour.

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Before planning a trip, let’s kiểm tra the availability of our tour package at BestPrice Traveland follow our updates on the weather forecast so as lớn decide when to visit Hanoi & Halong Bay.