Where to find the best pho in hanoi


Each country has its own national dish that is world famous và nothing is more uniquely Vietnamese than Pho. Probably no one has ever tried this dish once và does not lượt thích this delicious noodle soup. There is no better place lớn eat Pho than in Hanoi. Here are the 5 locations in the Old Quarter lớn find the best bowl of Pho:

49 Bat Dan street

49 Bat Dan street - Photo

Located at the heart the Old Quarter, this little siêu thị has been here since the 1960s. Selling only beef noodle, A bowl of Pho here still retains the original taste when it was once introduced. Followers of this place are not the faint hearted. The broth is clear & rich with reduced goodness of bone marrow but is not fatty. The beef is tender và soft with a glowing pink hue.

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When coming lớn the shop, one must follow the tradition: queue và self-served at the counter instead of waiting for the waiters khổng lồ come to you. If time is of essence, it is not recommended to lớn eat here since it might take a while standing in line during high time. It can cost around 50,000 khổng lồ 70,000 khổng lồ dine here.

Hang trong street (at the corner with Hang tua street)

Pho at 08 Hang vào street - Photo

There is nothing more Vietnamese than eating on the street side where most of the best food are. A bowl of Pho at 08 Hang vào street (just walk into the alley & follow the sign upstairs lớn the second floor) - close lớn the junction of Hang Trong và Hang Gai, proves no exception. There are no tables, just the smallest type of stools you can find. Those professional foodies can hold the bowl on one hand a pair of chopsticks on the others, slurping the clear broth with ease. If you can’t be food ninjas like them, placing the bowl on the stool is acceptable too. Selling in the afternoon till sold out (5-7pm), this street vendors gather not only frequent locals but also intrigued passerby for an afternoon snack. It only costs about 30,000 for a bowl of Pho.

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Pho Suong on 24 Trung Yen alley

Pho Suong on 24 Trung Yen alley - Photo

Walking off from the lake, wandering into Dinh Liet street where plenty of scarfs, souvenirs và paintings are sold, you can find a tiny alley called Trung Yen where Pho Suong is located. Lượt thích many other popular places, this little cửa hàng has been here for many years. The broth here is famous to be light but still retains the sweetness of meat and bone marrow. Beef here is sliced in big chunk but is definitely still very tender & succulent in your mouth. The shop may be a little small but the owners are friendly & always delighted lớn serve you.

10 Ly Quoc Su street

10 Ly Quoc Su street - Photo instagram

To the foodies, Pho at 10 Ly Quoc Su street (near the Cathedral) means the ultimate stamp of quality. If one only has one chance khổng lồ eat Pho in Hanoi, it is always recommended khổng lồ eat it here. The broth, the noodle & the beef are cooked to perfection. There are many different type of beef choice to be had in your bowl of Pho. Fried curler or xoay here are always delicious to dip into the hot broth. Beware that you may want another serving but it is not like a big giảm giá when it is succulent and addictive.

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65 Lan Ong street

65 Lan Ong street - Photo

While the traditional Pho is with beef, there are also the modern adapted version with chicken. This cửa hàng only opens when the sky is dark as all the tables and chairs are phối up on the pavement. Many young and trendy Vietnamese frequent this place as the go to lớn for chicken Pho. You can have the traditional soup type but this place is most famous for its dry Pho where the broth is separated from the noodle. They have a special mixing sauce that is secretly hidden under a good serving of Pho and chicken. This is the perfect substitute for a hot bowl of Pho when you are in a desperate fix for one in a hot summer night.