In recent years, when referring to tourist attractions, most of people often prompt to khẩu hiệu “Ba Na Hills - Road khổng lồ scene-paradise entertainment”. Honestly, anyone has not come here, they would have sầu thought that is only a way of exaggerated advertisement. But in fact, when book tía na hill tour 1 day you will understand“Ba Na Hills” is a paradise of the world và even more.

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Being named the second Sapage authority of Viet Nam, Ba Na is always a sight-seeing where people must come at least 1 time in their lives. Nowadays, people are living in a modern society with stresses from works, polluted environment problems,...Therefore, they absolutely come here to lớn relax & balance their lives.

Mục lục

1.Introducing Ba Na

Ba Na is located on Truong Son ranges, its altitude is 1487m and temperature often fluctuate around 203C . Ba Na is regarded as “climate pearl” because you can cthua your eyes và enjoy 4 seasons (spring, summer, autumn và winter) in only one day when you are here. Many tourists came to Ba Na & complimented on wonderful views & fertile forests of central coasts, images of oceans in the distance, Da Nang becomes a tiny thành phố from perspective sầu of Ba Na. They will be equanimous, relax and enjoy themselves in nature when seeing beautiful sceneries of Ba Na Hills by book tourbố na hills tourIt deserves to be the paradise of Central tourism, many tourists are attracted by ancient villages rec.constituting a magnificent đô thị corner in colonial French period with changed-color walls. Futhermore, tourists can explore the sky with a trip by cable oto.

The journey of a trip bana hill tour 1 day khổng lồ Ba Na is probably a great experience for you to find a new destination. Coming to lớn Ba Na, people will have a “one trip for two jobs” because they can see specific views and use some services in Guiness World Records as the longest & largest cable oto.Fantasty Park is also an interesting spot for anyone who want lớn prove their hardihood by a musement park of international standards. Through the , Ba Na still keep the mysterious and quirky in places such as khách sạn restaurant Morin or cellar Debay. In the modern life, kiến thiết & service revolutions make Ba Na lớn be more mysterious and thắm thiết by some places such as Morin Restaurant, Debay Cellar,...

Nowadays, tourism market is so noisy, but Ba Na hill still keep its pristine and natural beauty. This “angel resort” is only 25km southwest of Da Nang city. Da Nang people take about 40 minutes lớn come here & touch lớn paradise entertainment of the world. If you lượt thích, you can book tourkhổng lồ enjoy

2.Igiảm giá khuyến mãi time to go to lớn Ba Na

If you want to lớn see the best views of Ba Na you can book bamãng cầu hills day tour tocome here from April to August. in this time, the weather is sunny and nice so your trip will be more favourable. although the weather is hot, but when coming to lớn Ba Na, you will be bathed in thin mist. furthermore, you can take photos và play outside games without wearing sunny coat,suntan cream,.. but in other times, Ba Na also has another special beauties which you can’t forget. you should not spend the night in Ba Na, it is quite desolate and deserted.

3.How vì chưng you come to Ba Na?

I am sure that many people have question “how vì chưng we go lớn Ba Na Hills?” . It is not a problem! Do not worry much about the means because there are many different transports khổng lồ come here from center of Da Nang city. the distance is only 25km so you can come here by motorbikes, taxies, self-driving cars,...

Teenagers should rkết thúc motorbikes with low prices 100.000-150.000dong per day if they are in a group. Remember refueling before starting!

On a tripwith your family, you should use taxies or self-driving cars because it is cheaper và safer. 4-seat taxi price with 2 directions “go khổng lồ và go back” from center of Da Nang khổng lồ Ba Na is about 700.000-800.000dong và it is more expensive a little for 7-seat taxis.

If you want to rent cars, you can refer some prices following: 650.000/4-seat car(including waiting free), 950.000/16-seat car(including waiting free). Therefore, it is not hard & expensive to choose suitable means lớn go khổng lồ Ba Na, all things you must vị are renting cars with suitable quantity of people.

4.Where can you buy Ba Na’s entrance tickets?

You must have a Ba Na’s entrance ticket khổng lồ enter Ba Na Hills. To buy entrance tickets, you can go to lớn the ticket offices under Ba Na mountain, book the tickets at 110-125 Pyêu thích Nhu Xuong street–Da Nang City–Viet Nam – head officer of Ba Na hills or you access this websiteto lớn have sầu morebanahill tourdetails

You can refer to lớn the ticket prices here

Adults và children above sầu 1.3m: 650.000/adult (including tickets of cable car, climbing train, wine cellar, except for Wax museums)Children from 1m to lớn 1.3m: 550/childChildren under 1m: không lấy phí totally.

5.Rest houses and hotels in Ba Na tourist area

If you want lớn experience all interesting things of Ba Na Hills, we advise you to stay at night for tour. Now, in Ba Na there is Mercure Banahills French Village with 4 stars standards, that has 49 rooms, gymnasiums,.. Ba Na’s services and material facilities are very modern & convenient so you will be comfortable when being here.This is a house of French village on Ba Na Hills. where you will be immersed in the thick mist covering Ba Na at night. On tourist seasons, all hotels of Ba Na are usually full of rooms, so you can make an advance booking to lớn have sầu room for night. You can contact with to have more informations about booking rooms, this is booking system which not including VAT tax và food cost. When that, you can save sầu little money.

6.The interesting experiences in Ba Na

To nói qua all the pleasures in Ba Na, we maybe spend the whole day talking about it. We will briefly summarise about “hot things” of Ba Na Hills.

Aerial views from cabin of cable car

You are surely attracted by views of Ba Na when stepping on cable car. You will have motion of passing many mountains khổng lồ reach lớn Ba Na. Now, there are 3 cable oto trips: from Suoi Mo station khổng lồ Ba Na station; from Ba Na station khổng lồ Morin station & from Mo station khổng lồ Indochine station. You can choose one of 3 trips khổng lồ reach khổng lồ Ba Na.

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Taking climbing mountain trains

Let’s take climbing mountain train if you are curious about new motions on mini trains of journey to Debay wine cellars, Tinh tam House.


Impressed by Le Jardin D’Amour

You will be không lấy phí to take the photos, contemplate flowers with 9 beautifully designed flower themes here. Ba Na’s weather is more special than other areas so some kinds of flowers are only grown in this place’s natural condition and you are so lucky lớn see them here.


You can take a walk in garden comfortably because of cool climate. You should take a walk outside at about 10a.m or beginning of afternoon .

Making a pilgrimage to Linc Ung pagoda

This is one of 3 Linh Ung pagodas of Da Nang, in this pagoda, there is a Buddha with height 27m, 8 surface s symbolizing 8 life periods of Buddha. Besides, there is an large & comfortable Deer park for you khổng lồ take a walk and enjoy peaceful space here.


Debay wine cellars

Many tourists of Ba Na want to lớn step on these special wine cellars. They were built by french in 1923 in order lớn store valuable & rare wine, especially Red wine. They were built và protectes carefully so it is still pristine in Ba Na now.


Fantasty Park amusement Park

This is a international standard amusement park with many games for all ages. If you are a gentle person, you can choose a thắm thiết game khổng lồ play. In opposite, you have a strong character, you can play the thrilling games.


Take a walk in french villages

Do you find it strange lớn see photos of your friends when coming to lớn Ba Na? Sometimes, do you suspect that they are in France ? Actually, Ba Na has a mini French village like that. Tiled moss walls, small steps along the tower, .. are the highlights of Ba Na Hills.


This French village were designed & built by famous French architect. All irresistible sceneries of this village attracted many tourist come here khổng lồ take photos and contemplate.Besides, you can visit Wap villages of Ba Na & buy some souvenirs for your lover after trip khổng lồ Ba Na.

* GOLDEN BRIGDE : The famous bridge in the world


7.Foods and drinks in Ba Na

Not only fun, you surely satisfy with all delicious and specific dishes of Ba Na. if you want to enjoy dishes cooked by Ba Na’s famous chefs, you can go to lớn Ba Na’s restaurants or hotels. You will never regret spending money on those dishes.Now, in Ba Na there are more traditional và western restaurants for you to choose the suitable dishes. Besides, when coming khổng lồ Ba Na, some tourists bring foods lớn save money. But this way quite inconvenient & trouble.

8.Some notices when coming to Ba Na

Should bring some foods và drinks lớn save money when coming lớn Ba Na

Ticket price of 1st station-2nd station trip is miễn phí so you should find out more before booking the tickets. The first cable oto trip is at 7:30 & the last cable car trip is at 21:00.·

Weather changes many times everyday so you need to lớn bring a thin overcoat though it is hot và sunny. Besides, you should wear the comfortable clothes because you must walk much and not wear high heels or cumbersome clothes.

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9.Cheap and prestigious booking tour addresses

To book Ba Na tours with cheap tickets, beside of hunting cheap tickets or waiting for rare promotions, you can refer lớn more informations in websitekhổng lồ buy the best tickets.This is an address which will give sầu you all the travel experiences, useful travel suggestions. At the same time, it includes secure, cheap & prestigious online booking services. You can completely trust & refer to the information in that website address .

The foregoing is all experiences for everyone who want to lớn have sầu a nice trip to forget all difficulties in their life when coming here. We really hope that you will have a great trip lớn Ba Na – paradise entertainment !