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Aurora Villas & Resort caters to travelers who are looking for an off the luxurious beach paradise with a fun, community vibe. Whether your utopia includes adventure on the open water or sun, s& and drinks, you'll be right at trang chủ at Aurora. In the beginning of new day, all things are hopeful. Look a beautiful sunrise from the horizon at Aurora, it’s like that your dreams drawn on the s&,...

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We were finishing our three week trip around Vietphái nam & stayed here for two nights. Our room was so so, but did have a nice view. Our first night a pipe in the bathroom broke while we were at dinner at another beach. Luckily there was a drain so we didn’t come baông xã lớn a flooded hotel room. Slight inconvenience, not a big giảm giá. They offered us a beer for the inconvenience. The next morning ( roughly 10:30/11 am) we wanted lớn go down lớn their private beach. The gates were locked và eventually someone came and opened it. After about 15 minutes the man who was on “lifeguard duty” waved at us to come up because he was hungry & wanted khổng lồ eat lunch. I laughed and refused khổng lồ go. After about ten more minutes of hyên yelling and insisting we come in we decided to lớn go in. I was shocked. When I shared my experience khổng lồ the front office the lady giggled & said that he was hungry. Again, shocked. Come to lớn find out, 3 people drowned here a few weeks ago! The only positive sầu things I can say about this place is that it has potential và we really appreciated the extremely hardworking man who ran the pool house restaurant. He was fantastic! One more thing, as we checked out we noticed our bill had two beers charged from our first afternoon. We asked if they could take them off because of the pipe bursting promise they had made. It was too challenging for them lớn vì chưng that. We said ‘forget it’ let’s get the heông chồng out of here. Suggestions for your hotel- - open up & clean your private beach of trash - don’t let your staff tell guests lớn come in from their beach time because they are hungry - pick up the trash around your property ( there were about 5 staff members sitting in the lobby playing on their phone when we arrived. I also saw other khách sạn guests throwing trash off the sides near the cliff) your property could be so beautiful if you took care of the lvà - add umbrellas to lớn your pool area so people can enjoy your nice pool - don’t lie to lớn your customers when they ask you about the accident that happened there Will not be baông chồng but wish your khách sạn the best & a growth mindmix.…