From the second we stepped inside the hostel we felt welcome. The staff is friendly and very helpful with any issue you might have sầu. The rooms are very clean và the cleaning personnel were always smiling. Big recommendation!

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We moved khổng lồ this hostel having had a bad experience with a khách sạn we had originally booked in Nha Trang. Arriving, we noted the khách sạn was in excellent location, 5 minutes from the beach & 2 minutes from bars và shops. The khách sạn is clean & modern & our room had an excellent shower. Having previously booked an overnight bus khổng lồ piông xã us up from a different location, the woman working the morning before rang the company and arranged for the piông xã up point to be changed khổng lồ the hotel. As we were checking out in the morning and our night bus wasn’t until 7:30, it was also helpful that there is a không tính phí communal shower khổng lồ use in reception. Overall the perfect place lớn stay in Nha Trang.

Loved this stay. The staff helped me và my friends with everything from where lớn buy certain stuff lớn washing my whole bag because of bed bugs. The hostel is suited for people who want to take a break and relax. It’s cđại bại khổng lồ the beach, around 7 minutes. I loved this!

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This hostel is excellent value. It is very clean & in a quiet street off main thoroughfare và you will get a great, night's sleep, even though you are near a lot of bars. The staff are very helpful & friendly. Great place lớn stay in nha trang.

We arrived at the hostel at 5am in the morning. The gentleman working offered to lớn make us a bed & proceeded khổng lồ sweep, mop and put a blanket down for us. They checked us in as soon as they could and we’re super helpful & polite. The staff were absolutely AMAZING. Super clean rooms, extremely comfortable beds và perfect location. 5 mins from the beac. Food, coffee shops & smoothie places all around. Literally the best hostel experience we had in Vietnam to date. Would stay there again in a heart beat.

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Initially only booked for a couple of nights but booked a couple more. We had a lovely stay here the room had air nhỏ và a người which worked great, private bathroom with shower and hot water. Towels changed daily toiletries replenished. The bed was comfortable. The alley is in a great location for bars, restaurants và the beach. The staff were great, very welcoming và helpful, Thankyou Dao (I don't know if I've sầu spelt it right)
Was a short 2 day stop in nha trang on our way down lớn hcmc. Nesteled in an alley, the alley was a great place. Its clean, with comfy bunks, & its just a walk away from the beach front. With bars food, shops & bars a short walk, và if you are just tired, theres a yummy juice bar just steps away from it. Staff was great too...told us where to go for food, và what to lớn look out for along the way...Great place...