88 Hilltop Hostel Phú Quốc

88 Hilltop Hostel is a beautiful hotel with convenient dorm style for people who love travelling. It is located on a hilltop in the heart of the town, looking over lớn the wonderful landscape of Long Beach and the whole Duong Dong town.

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The rooms (especially bathrooms) where full of mold. I never been to sensetive sầu of mold before, but I got sick right away and had trouble breathing and sleeping the first night. We booked two night but unfortuntly we had to leave sầu after the first night. We didnt get a refund for the second night, wich was annoying since I clearly got siông chồng & the clearly knew about the mold , cuse they had put alot of scented candles everywhere lớn cover up the smell. We stayed in a dorm room, so Im not shure about other rooms. Pretty sure the mold came from bathrooms thought since they are one level below all the bedrooms. Otherwise, a great location & supercool view over the Islvà. Great food và resturant.

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I booked two nights và unfortunately I didn't stay one. The hotel was very nice và the staff very good but my bed had bedbugs. When I was moved lớn a different bed I also saw signs of bed bugs. They refunded me one night and were very apologetic but for me bed bugs are a very big giảm giá khuyến mãi.

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Stayed here for about a week, loved the place. Food: great food, average price amuốn the hotels và resorts on the Isl&, a bit pricey for Vietnam, their Cappuccino is one the best I have had on Phu Quoc, but again a bit pricey. The have a menu for breakfast, 1.5 usd, quite good. The rooms & installations are fantastic. Getting up there a bit tricky, the walk is not that bad, but it is better is you rent a scooter. Loved the sunsets from there But what I liked the most is the staff, they all are lovely, especially Nhi, who is the only one with a great English and a great sense of service. It is a shame the other members of the staff don't speak English so well.

+ Very helpful và accommodating staff with good english và excellent recommendations for good local eateries & customized trip planning. I was on my own and preferred to lớn explore the islvà first h& instead of some commercial tours, they were more than willing to lớn advise me the best things lớn vị in my 3một nửa day stay. Plus a nice touch: I got 1 free welcome drink in a quite hot day. + Excellent view from room/bar over the town, esp. sunphối view from the bar with nice deco và elegant layout. + Decent clean dorm room with hair dryer, airnhỏ, individual magnetic locker, towels available lớn borrow with a deposit of 100vnd apiece. Though the bar n the rooms are connected, music was on till around 10pm only và not too loud anyway, I could still enjoy quiet sleep. The vast grass space at dorm entrance brought a relaxing feel to me too. + Signature net balcony around rooms khổng lồ chill or chitchat, a very comfy và fun play corner. - No slippers though. The first part of the route from the trunk road khổng lồ the hostel (15-20 meters) at the time of my trip was dirt road with no light, a bit thrilling there but I heard it was going to lớn be paved soon. The comtháng female nhà wc was a bit smelly at some points of day time, but i guess that's acceptable as it was cleaned n smelled nothing the next day. Overall, definitely a recommended hostel to chill in Phuquoc.…